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Hi, I'm clearing out my wardrobe and came across a few items I realised I no longer wear, despite loving them when I first purchased them. They include an Armani semi-paisley tie (I can't think of a better description ), a striped Hugo Boss tie, an un-labelled patterned tie, and Paul Smith cufflinks and a scarf. Pictures of each, with prices (not including shipping), are attached below. If you have an interest in any of them, please say so here and I'll update with...
Not a spread collar.
I agree about the pictures. I'm infatuated with "blue textured boxes" but when I click on it, the larger picture shows me the back of the tie. If possible, take a few photos of each tie: one of them tied (so we can see the knot) around a nice white shirt, one rolled up in the box, and one showing the 7-fold / label. It would be nice.
I agree that 330CK's design looks better, but the minimalism (in places) on your website is refreshing. I would agree with some of the "destructive criticism" but would say that the website is a good start, and I'm interested in one of your ties, I'll have a think
Let me say, in advance, that you're going to get crucified here. However, I'll try to be as constructive as possible (I, too, am 17) 1. $1,300 is a lot of money to spend. Obviously you won't want to spend it all on a suit, but it's not a bad sum 2. Technically speaking, you probably shouldn't wear a suit to a prom, ideally you should wear a tuxedo. However, if you're conscious about standing out, and nobody else will wear one, then I guess you should stick with a black...
It's quite a nice tie anyway, so as long as you didn't pay too much, don't worry!
Hi Jake, Well done on securing an internship at a major law firm. I am soon to begin my own internship at the UK-equivalent of a Biglaw firm (a 'Magic Circle' firm). I have five suits: Solid navy Dark charcoal Brown Navy pinstripe Very pale gray suit (we'll see how 'summery' the dress code gets when the temperatures rise). In terms of shirts, my wardrobe is rather over-populated with white shirts. I also have a few solid blues, various types of blue/black stripes, one...
You should definitely do more of these, but not necessarily button-downs. It's the slimness I love, I have serious trouble finding shirts that fit my physique, and these look perfect. I'm just not a fan of button downs. But still, Kent Wang x TaT = super cool
I myself have a Calvin Klein Collection suit (which I paid too much for, quite frankly ) and it's VASTLY superior in quality to, say, the regular CK suits you see around.
Hi, I'm wondering if anybody here has a spare silver tie clip they're willing to sell me? Ideally for the cheapest price possible. I live in the UK so perhaps if potential sellers could quote a figure including shipping? Many thanks!
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