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I mean this in the nicest possible way, but I have purchased £10 ($20) shirts that fit a LOT better than this. Is there a possibility you measured yourself inaccurately?
I'm sorry, but no, just no. People will look at my post count and think "lol style noob" or something, but that is simply NOT an attractive piece of clothing. Three piece suits? Lovely Corduroy? Ok, but not my favourite material? Combined? No. It just doesn't look comfortable or elegant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Osprey Guy He clearly understood that most men who have the sort of money to pay for his clothes are inherently older, and in many cases, a bit larger in the waistline. Whilst I agree with your point here, it feels - at least to me - like times have changed. I go to a school in a pretty affluent area of London, and D&G / Versace are now the go-to brands for the oligarch children that seem to have taken over my...
I think, in 99.9% of cases, it will look tacky. In fact, pretty much 100% of cases. After all, companies that try to enforce uniformity and excessive protocol into their workers rarely perform well, and even more rarely do they hold onto their best staff. Shirts with logos such as the ones on that website will stifle creativity, and limit your choice. Can you imagine high-flying lawyers, bankers or (even more unlikely) advertising executives all turning up to work in the...
I like the bag, whoever makes it...
I hate to be annoying, but: That's the official thread. However, yes, it's become a bit cluttered, so perhaps this topic will be easier to get information from than that one. The real issue is getting your measurements correct; the construction, fit, materials etc. are all exceptional value for money, provided you haven't made a measuring error.
No problem. If I really can't shift them, I'll end up including shipping in the list price. I'll be sure to notify you if that happens
It would have to be a relatively dark charcoal. One of my favourite suits is my 1B SB notch lapel Boateng charcoal suit. Whilst my favourite jackets have two buttons, everything else about the suit is sublime; the versatility, the fit, the material and lining. It's fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Holdfast has nailed it. Excuse me, look at the first reply in this topic Haha, but yeah, Holdfast and you developed my rather pointless reply, so thank you.
Somewhere between $55 and $65, sorry I can't be more accurate. The international shipping prices from Royal Mail over here in the UK are obscene.
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