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Out of interest, would I have got it for merely shipping charges if I'd processed the order? Also, is the colour more like when you see it on the main page (more metallic/shark skin/turquoise or is it the slightly darker colour when you view that tie's actual web page
Removed for Charles' sake, you're right.
Seems like a very QG type of article. Whilst it states nothing new or revealing (and is probably incorrect in places), I like that they're endorsing the pocket square
Holdfast, do RL produce items in size 36? The discounted prices here are great and as I live in London, postage would be quite cheap. I'm interested in almost any suit you can get in 36, plus a tuxedo if possible? Many thanks
We have a winner.
Quote: Originally Posted by I'm a kid and this is the only time I'll be able to do something interesting so don't roast me! ) Thanks. You're gonna get 'roasted', enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by khaki sack Believe me Average Joe will wear a bow tie ,if he has to. There's a lot to be said for maintaining standards by ,force or theat of force. Quote: Originally Posted by khaki sack Like ,Mafoofan? Seriously, what is it with you and your unnecessary/splice commas?
Well if the type of shirts you're talking about are the ones in the above pictures, I don't think this is the right forum to discuss it. They are hardly dress shirts are they, they're cheap-looking, character-stifling tackiness in fabric form.
It's a UK one, and they specialise far more in casual clothes than formal ones, but it's called Topman. Quality is awful, slim fit is great.
Yeah fair enough, I'm very slim and the cheap shirts I'm referring to are in fact from a company that specialises in extremely slim clothing, so I guess that's why they fit so well. My nicer shirts actually tend to fit less well (or rather, they're less slim) than the cheap ones. Such is life.
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