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Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent I'd quickly add the Channel isles and the Isle of Man before you upset someone They don't have internet over there, MoK.
Received mine through the post today, looks lovely! Will be posting 'in the wild shots' soon if possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by instep Just wondering. KW PM'ed me earlier today to let me know - in response to SF member feedback - that his knit ties are now 2.75" in width. I would like to put my money where my mouth is, and pick up one of the bicolour knits (I already have solid/dotted knits in all his offered colours), but I have a suspicion that KW's 'stock photos' do not do these ties justice, and do not accurately reflect how they look in real...
This cracked me up. Well done, mafoofan
Apologies if I came across a bit aggressively, the idea just doesn't sit right with me. I won't get involved again.
Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks that something is amiss with this little clique. Every individual poster - from yfyf to PG to maomao - is a great contributor, and yet as a group they seem to become almost pretentious. PG's earlier claim that they were moving on from Chan because there were too many people from the forum on their client list struck me as an incredibly immature decision for a group of grown men to reach. You're going to deny a tailor with whom...
Yet nobody's mentioned the cat at the forefront of the picture?
Out of interest, vox, would you be so relentlessly harsh towards mafoofan if you weren't so adored on this forum? I mean, is it a personality thing or is mafoofan just an easy target on here?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan ^^^ SO, you would wear a cumberbund over the braces? Are you meant to have the braces over the cummerbund?! Surely not?
Nice but extremely underwhelming
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