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Hiker. Only option was leather lined upper. If you're going to be anywhere wet at all then the couble vamp would be worth it.
I've had a pair for a little over a year. The wait is long but the boots are outstanding and a great value. I wouldn't hesitate to order another pair.
I do pullups, situps, pushups and dips basically evey day. I don't 'workout' per se, I just try to do things throughout the day when they cross my mind. I generally do a set or two of pullups in the morning, maybe some dips. In the afternoon I'm more likely to spend 3 minutes and do 25 pushups/30 situps/25 pushups sometime when I get bored. I also run twice a week about 2.5 miles at a time. I'm sure there are better ways to do things that build more muscle and strength and...
If you're looking for non-sneaker shoes you should really read the 'shoes that look better with age' thread over on superfuture. (j - I hope it's ok to post the link) It's a loooooong thread but well worth your time. The answers are all there.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Canvas workpants could also work. Tailor a pair of carhartts. Their washed duck color is classic and looks good beaten and dirty. That's a damn interesting idea. Anyone ever do this?
DDML. Not my style at all but it's done so fucking well. Damn.
Moleskin? A bit warm maybe. I've never owned a pair but I really like the fabric.
Ok, j asked me for an update so here it goes. When I started the project I was hoping to get a jacket with a finish a lot like filson's oil cloth jackets. I didn't, not yet anyway. I did learn quite a bit though. My jacket right now is very soft, has the look of damp denim (no sheen, just very dark) and smells of beeswax. I'll post a picture if anyone wants but there's nothing really to show. The finsh is too soft to get any of the cool 'cracking' that a filson jacket...
Very worth it if for no other reason than it will teach you about the machine. Once you're not afraid of the machine there's no end to what you can do.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Familyman, here's another shot I took.... Thanks, that shows me exactly what I wanted to see. I'll probably add an inch to the length when I order one but the silhouette is just perfect. The lapels are right where they should be. Pockets are great. I'll wait to see what tweeds you put up and start working on convincing my wife that I need to order a tweed jacket in Texas in the summer.
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