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Ugh, you guys I don't know what I'm doing wrong... Before After about 10 coats of Saphir mirror Imo it doesn't look any different... Maybe I'm using too much wax? Too much water?
   Thanks guys! So is it the same process? Just add wax to fill in the "pebbling" and then work it up to a mirror shine?
Man, no hate to the design or to NMWA, but wtf are people thinking voting for Cowichan McCowichanface
Any tips for building up a nice shine on pebble grain and alpine grain?   I know those are different. My Alden alpine grain seems to be coated with something already, and it's not taking a shine too well from saphir wax.   My BBBF x C&J pebble grain long wings also seem to have that.   I want to try and replicate something like this:     Thanks to @Murlsquirl for his photo here
 Some good deals. Tried to buy a hill side sashiko hat, shipping was $12. Eff that
Getting back to basics on this thread, here's a revamp I did on my Barker Blacks.After wearing them through a particularly rowdy holiday party which ended with champagne spilling all over them, I had a haphazard polish at the airport which also got some dark polish on them, I decided to start afresh.I'm still very much a beginner at shoe care so any tips would be appreciated!I will put the before and after pics here and then the process in the spoilerBeforeAfter - the...
Gentlemen, use the block function. That's what it's there for.
I really like Mr Hare fwiw, designs are for everyone but the quality and construction is there
 Dude...stop being a dick. There's a way to say what you're saying in a nice way. Besides it's an opinion. Clearly the owner tried to do something similar by himself and couldn't do it properly.
 Great guide here by The Hanger Project: The short answer is that for those that care about proper shoe care, it is very time consuming to do correctly and the end result is specific to the wearer, ie, the level of shoe shine, maybe adding some patina, waterproof wax, etc. Also, a lot of nicer shoes do come with some polish/shine treatments from the factory but the finishing touch is left up to the...
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