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Goin hard at pitti 2015  
 Found it thanks my old pics! Oscar H Grand Tailoringhttp://www.oscarhgrand.es/           
 Yeah I was expecting pics in this thread.
You back in sf? Should I even try?
  Yeah, but how was transformers tho?
Quick stop to see the homie @barrelntrigger First up: got him a sick bape classic run dmc french terry crew neck Next, a thread first and probly my first brag in 6 months. True thrift Bedwin & the Heartbreakers crew neck
i wanna see someone pull these off  
 From what I understand, they vary from season to season. Sometimes you size down full, sometimes it's tts
 Oopsss saw pruneridge and saw pruneyard. That's what i get for growing up in san jo
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