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 Do you ever get recognized on the street from styleforum? I feel like if I ever saw you I would just start yelling 
    Ah gotchya, thanks guys, sorry for the misunderstanding. Last one I have is from Feb 9th, so I'll just wait for it   
 Yes, and a frequent buyer. The end of season sale still shows the same prices, and the tailored clothing discount doesn't apply on my account. What am I missing?
 Wait what? I'm seeing $332 and $369 for what I want. Also I know Greg has little incentive to announce sales, but it never hurts to ask I suppose.
 And then worn to YEEZY the next day
Any chance of a footwear sale happening soon?   Sorry if the question is uncouth  
re: gr@iled, I think we underestimate the value they put on hype and their willingness to lose $ initially to generate it...      Its ridiculous. Ever since I moved from SF I can't even use the foggy and chilly nights as an excuse to wear coats anymore. Even when it rains here, a rain jacket is still plenty warm enough.
Yes I am in
Oakland hit 80* today with no rain on the horizon...
A bit dense here, but how are stores going to make their buying/stocking decisions if items are to go on sale directly after the runway showing? Is there a preview period beforehand where stores make their decisions and then everybody else sees it on their runway? I feel like I'm missing a big piece of knowledge here...my current thought is that runway shows give buyers an opportunity to make deicisions on what they will carry
New Posts  All Forums: