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 Aren't the zippers breaking on those too?
 I have the first round Royale in grey. They are not so great. Nice leather, but the shape makes them look like skate shoes.
 Will you have a white one so I can look like this? 
 Question. If I am a grown-up in a way that two kids standing on each others shoulders and wearing a trench coat is a grown-up, is this polo shirt still for me?
  https://www.weargustin.com/invite_from/12351 https://www.weargustin.com/invite_from/12351
  There is a Gustin thread actually. I think most people here know my sentiments towards the brand, but if you want something for that price then go for it, its a great deal for 17s. The color will be a bit lighter and fabric is neppy, diff characteristics from the American. Depends on what you like. I think the whole point of Gustin is that you have many choices and buy several types from the brand. Edit: thanks @Fueco, you beat me to it.
Hey guys, so I'm new to the baller boots and went to check out thearchive in sf for some first hand experience.   I noticed the shoes are all incredibly stiff when new, does it really take only 2 weeks for them to get buttery soft?   Also they had a Guidi chukka in a 45 in some kind of grey hue on sale for $700 if anyone is interested.
  Appears I'm late to the party. Carry on.  Also, having Cone Mills doesn't mean all that much. They're hot shit at the moment and are legitimately good when making exclusive runs, but chances are they also made the acid wash fabric for the jeans your mom used to wear in the 90s.
Thanks y'all.@GMMcL Brave Star is one of those budget denim brands. That jacket looks to be a rip off of a Lee Storm Rider.I do believe their denim shares a certain similarity with a Self Edge x Sugar Cane model 02. And not in a good way...Their Street address is 1902 Violet St. Los Angeles, CA 90021
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