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I'm about to be in rainy northern europe so I'll be sure to take some stutterheim pics
 Thanks for the pics Edwin!  @sugarbutch you're so stoked on your glasses!
 How is this in any way surprising? Even with the downturn software vs any kind of hardware is easier to manage without as much overhead, production, inventory, and prod dev response. I'd also be interested in YoY numbers as Q4 is always low in expenditure 
 Is this why he doesn't make custom cowboy boots anymore?
 Can confirm, car got broke into 2 weeks ago near 19th st bart
You're absolutely right, my bad. Looking for the difference between the sea dweller and a sub!
Hey guys, slowly thinking about getting a rolex at some point in the near future. I'm trying to research the difference between a sea dweller and a sub. As far as I can tell both of them are 40mm but the SD has a thicker case which allows it to be rated for a larger depth, and does not have a cyclops. Any further insight? Looking at second hand places, and it seems that the SD is both more widely available and cheaper than a sub. Edot: meant sea dweller, not deep sea
Speaking of small tweaks, would love to see either this or the Kent Wang in all milkshake suede on either a white or gum sole. Not enough white suede sneakers out there
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