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 Gotta echo my man's point right here. I was at Nieman yesterday and their cashmere fabrics and color patterns were by far the most interesting in the store. Maybe they're not Attolini level or wtv, but if I needed a new SC I could do a whole lot worse for $1500.
  So...some info on my noragi: Sashiko uses some very heavy almost embroidery thread, the fabric used for my noragi already came with the sashiko-like stitching on it. I didn't do it by hand nor was it done after the garment was constructed. I bought yardage with that design on ti already. It is really just doubled over regular thread, so it's not really sashiko tbh. Sorry @Takai :( I'll hit you back in a sec though, I've got some dope shit to show you. This fabric ends up...
MRW I check back in the thread after missing a few thousand posts and see nothing's changed     Edit: JK LOVE YOU GUYZ PLEASE DONT PM ME TO CHALLENGE MY DICK SIZE
 If by sleeper shirt you mean next level chest hair, then I can accept the accolades. I have 2 more fabrics lined up for other versions of the noragi. Will try to document better and post in the DIY thread.   Yeah trying to make more and more things for myself now. We should all do a bay area thrift chill next time
Thanks for putting this together Gus, as always it was a lot of fun and I wish I'd have stayed for dinner. A big thank you for continuing to invite me out even though I continuously drag the steez coefficient down.  
I'm in. Possibly a +1
 Aren't the zippers breaking on those too?
 I have the first round Royale in grey. They are not so great. Nice leather, but the shape makes them look like skate shoes.
 Will you have a white one so I can look like this? 
 Question. If I am a grown-up in a way that two kids standing on each others shoulders and wearing a trench coat is a grown-up, is this polo shirt still for me?
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