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 Ha! I haven't been on there yet, thankfully. They're all fits from the SWD WAYWT thread. I'm pretty sure the owner of that tumblr has since been banned from SF for unrelated incidents...
@LuxireStudio   Are you guys making the sashiko fabrics available for pants? 
AGH. After about 10 years of no issues. Thank god it only fell on carpet Question: how important is it to get an omega link spring replacement? Do I need to go to an AD for that?
  Just got back from Mr Hare in Notting Hill. Holy crap the jodhpurs and chelseas are nice. Amazingly sleek and cool. Def a top contender vs Saint Lauren Also, the suede slip ons are completely next level soft. Haven't felt suede that soft in a long time. Was hoping to catch a glimpse of the clothing line but they haven't set anything out yet :(
 REPORT FROM LONDON Missed LCM. More than a few pints had. Can I have my own StyFoLDN hashtag now?
Sorry Gus, you know where I'm at...   @barrelntrigger @Fidelio how's about it?
K, you asked for it @barrelntrigger All perfect All recent All trofeo/15mil/su misura All unavailable
 No worries, safe and sound. I'm going to London/Germany/Oregon in the next few weeks. Will try to post my watches in their natural habitats.
Hanging out this weekend...hoover dam and grand Canyon
  Just tried this guy on since I'm in Vegas. Rad design on the case back (they have a contest for kid's drawings and the winners get's their art engraved with some proceeds going to charity) - it wears a little small for a diver tbh, but it's a really great thickness, very manageable.
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