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@TexasTexter Some insta pics of my natty cxl shortwings in various light conditions, I'd say they're about the same color as yours. It's an oily leather, so it would be a shade or two darker than basic veg tan        
 Ah, to have that head of hair at his age...
 IIRC you have a couple Story pieces right? How do you like them?
 Not sure if it's been suggested, but the unbranded 601 is less aggressive of a taper with wide thighs, might work for you
 Please give our best to your Granpa!
Is anyone on here Hand Picked Threads / rhz5001 on ebay?
They usually don't do that. Every once in a while they will have an "archive" clearance sale, but that's every couple years
Should I cop some #8 brogue boot seconds? I have some older #8 penny loafers and I've been a bit disappointed by the flatness of the tone tbh
Color 8 seconds  
 Oof, maybe my link is broken? Can you please send me the one you're using?
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