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 THS shirt looks really cool and goes with your aesthetic really well 
 Are these pants from luxire using their sashiko fabric?
 Very true...it's either SLP or reddit or suits, I very rarely see anything remotely interesting. For this reason I couldn't nominate SF as a fashionable city, for the most part it's just people following some pre determined aesthetic and not daring to stray from it
 401 is black calf, oregon is an earthy green rough out chamois. Pretty different animal if you ask me
FYI Handful of boots on sale at need supply: oregon hill indy, navy hill indy, brown pebble grain plain toe, navy cxl plain toe, seven hills indy, church hill indy
50% of at woodlands/tanner goods   http://tannergoods.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=2fc0c6fe3160a7b2b1a83b8e8&id=0d08b0effa&e=3a34f9492d  
 How is it that Japan doesn't have it yet
 Styleforum knows me so well. Just played shuffleboard and bocce ball the other day 27 going on 70
Maybe I'm a little salty, but my 85 year old Ukranian grandpa dresses like this on the reg except without the communist overtones  
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