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Hey gang, got some comfort craftsmans on the way. How difficult they are to resole? This is my first non standard rubber sole (dainite, commando, ridgeway, etc), can they be resoled to the afforementioned options? Or maybe worth it to put topy over the rubber
 saw these at the sf store...less stiff than one would think
 GATs are as comfy as any other "lifestyle" sneaker from nike or adidas, CPs not so much
Already sold out gents
Saving some clicks      
 I went to one of these a few months back in SF, super friendly staff who let me try on everything I could....
 FWIW I've got a 856UTC and EZM3, both of which get more wrist time than my seamaster Some photos that I've posted here before...since this time I've switched to a bracelet for the ezm and to a nato for the 856     e: to further egg mimo on...both of these were acquired for under 1200 each
 I thought msg was trolling
Rag & Bone suede office boots sz 12 for $75 BIN http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rag-Bone-Suede-Boot-/122124760943?hash=item1c6f33f76f:g:N4QAAOSwhOdXpKAm
 Agreed...he's the happiest/most involved designer I've seen online
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