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 I thought msg was trolling
Rag & Bone suede office boots sz 12 for $75 BIN http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rag-Bone-Suede-Boot-/122124760943?hash=item1c6f33f76f:g:N4QAAOSwhOdXpKAm
 Agreed...he's the happiest/most involved designer I've seen online
Can't tell if trolling https://*****************/listings/900677-Supreme-supreme-boxers   [[SPOILER]]
This event was fantastic, possibly the most well attended one of the last few years
Common Projects Achilles Grey, perforated calf skin, tan sole US 10 / 42 Made in Italy, Retail for $390   Condition: 7/10 - leather could use some cleaning sole is great Size: 42 Made in: Italy   This auction is for a wonderfully soft and buttery pair of Common Projects Achilles in perforated grey on a tan sole. Fits a US 9.5/10 pretty well. What you get: just the shoes and a CP box which is from a different pair. I no longer have anything that originally came...
 Dude seriously? Not only is everyone extra chill and awesome irl, but it's not hard to be nice to people and not talk to those who you want to avoid.
Seriously considering the kudu chelsea...I love the gnarly leather and it's a great price, but I already have sand suede chelseas from epaulet. So many choices - I could get the kudu in regular boot form from Truman
 Welcome welcome. What's the denim here? Looks like a super slubby lightweight pair
I've got a mission workshop going strong for over 3 years  
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