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Some stuff 
Ok here goes nothing. Please pay for postage to wherever you are... Please note these are not great brands, but all are in good condition and free. Weatherproof barracuda in black, Eddie Bauer fisherman, patagucci flannel. All fit true XL Flint & tinder selvedge worn once, actual measurements are 31"w X 30.5"l with straight fit Massimo Dutti boater, fit 10 medium to narrow Some random shirts: Tom James, bullock & Jones, jcrew linen, facconable. 17/xl Pants 38x30...
 Good point man. I'm about to throw up selvedge on here
Hey guys, are you putting any kind of limits on this? I have a lot of decent stuff in good condition, but it's mostly mall/house brands
  Different hands, but here's mine. Seems like Hamilton was quite the trendsetter five decades ago Have since put on a brown leather strap and gave it to my gf 
Here's my weird little collection, please excuse the photos, I'm still learning     Seamaster 2231.80.00 on a more recent strap       Sinn 856UTC       Sinn EZM3 (missing bezel pip)     Montblanc GMT     Hamilton - have since put on a brown leather strap and gave it to my gf
 30.5" Take to PM if you're interested please.
 Levi's Panel Pants http://reviews.us.levi.com/1341/4086259/reviews.htm
Anyone want some nice raw white oak selvedge in sz 30? Thrifted these today. Available
  Go check out Nieman Marcus Last Call. The one near me has Kiton SC's at $700-800 on the reg. New, cashmere, basted shut, everything.
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