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 I literally just passed on this today.
 Was wearing my red cottons the entire time actually. Imma text you a pic right now.
Woof. Coming back from Europe to find that I missed like 2k posts.    Anything good?   Also, Barcelona Lyon and Berlin suck for thrifting.       Also came back to leaky roof in my apartment. That's ok though, just as I was about to completely quit thrifting, something saved me.
Not tonight! It was an anything goes type of affair. Bout to watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean.
Double you double you double you dot sluts dot ee es
I'm sitting in Barcelona celebrating a very successful business stuff thing. Also, I'm drunk.
So glad I'm answering this at 3 am...Yes, ab fits is a denim store in north beach in sf. Good stuff, they have a variety of store branded wears. If their stuff fit me better, I'd be way more into it.Great find, hope it fits
Sittin in Barca right now Gus.   Check out this place: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g187497-d940427-Reviews-Can_Paixano_La_Xampanyeria-Barcelona_Catalonia.html   Small very local bar. Cheese, meats, champagne. That's it.
First waywt
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