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 Thanks! Will keep an eye out  If I'm to believe the TTS rec, then I would be a 10...if anyone has any I would love to grab it
Does Epaulet have a styleforum discount of any kind? Or a newsletter/new member discount? I'm looking at the sand suede chelseas
Just checked them out - unfortunately none of their pairs are wide enough. They only go up to 50mm
Just got this super lightly used pair on ebay - love them! If it was one of you guys...thanks heaps!   Natty CXL on Barrie      
thanks @ultravisitor   @Tramlines what am i looking at? looks pretty good 
 Can confirm, was just there. Not sure if Jeremy wants to give out details on the back room, but I can say that there are some massive steals there so if you're in the area go stop by Also paging @ManofKent - if you've ever wanted to try Tender, these guys have a good selection right now
Thanks, I'll def look into those. I recall checking out Salt and not seeing anything I liked, but will be sure to give them another shot. I really should try harder to find a local place, I doubt that no one in the bay area has it...Are there any of the above that look good? I'm particularly feeling the Dita, and the first TF option
Hey guys, need some help deciding on some eyewear options and would love your input.   My criteria are: dark color, more traditional square frames but not too stodgy, acetate, classic/throwback/swd vibe, good quality/not Luxottica if possible, and something that would fit my giant head with 52-54mm width.   I'm sorry for the poor photo quality, but I was running errands all day but I tried my best to be consistent so that you can have the easiest time...
 I really love mine, keeps me super dry - no regrets. Everyone should get one at that price so they can look like kanye from 2 years ago 
 Is it the all black red bar crew version?
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