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re: gr@iled, I think we underestimate the value they put on hype and their willingness to lose $ initially to generate it...      Its ridiculous. Ever since I moved from SF I can't even use the foggy and chilly nights as an excuse to wear coats anymore. Even when it rains here, a rain jacket is still plenty warm enough.
Yes I am in
Oakland hit 80* today with no rain on the horizon...
A bit dense here, but how are stores going to make their buying/stocking decisions if items are to go on sale directly after the runway showing? Is there a preview period beforehand where stores make their decisions and then everybody else sees it on their runway? I feel like I'm missing a big piece of knowledge here...my current thought is that runway shows give buyers an opportunity to make deicisions on what they will carry
Hope you like everything.@Snoogz the address was my bad when trying to send shit to Japan via online usps :/
Just putting the final touches on a photo essay for y'all
 I think I agree with this one, If you can't 100% definitively say they're real I'd lean towards both being fake
 Either, it's very easy to do and it will look very very good if done carefully. And yes, it is worth it if you like the shoes.
 Did homeland frisk you?
 That whole lookbook is. MoK, why didn't they ask you to model for them??
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