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Wearing my suede comfort classics in the rain  
Size? Measurements?
 Looks like the pic is from there - looks like everything from there got sold out in just a few hours
What a journey! Thanks for sharing crusty
It'll be fine. People say shell doesn't stretch because it's the least stretchy leather, but it absolutely does stretch and mold to your feet over time.I also never understood why people baby shell so much even though it's the toughest and most resilient leather. They'll wear their vibergs before their shell aldens even though they were the same price
Dude that red is killer, I love how bright it is
Commented on IG but will echo here as well, great last!!
After thinking on this a bit more... Maybe Evan Kinori?
 Woo yeah! Gonna be there for about 6 days of work + 2 for visiting, then over to Ediburgh for a couple days (and yeah amazon just delivered me some icebreaker base layers this morning...i hear it's gonna be a hell of a winter) Last time I was there I got to see all the Saville Row/Jermyn stuff plus a few swd stores like DSM, RL, and Yohji, now I'm keen to see Real McCoys, Nigel C, RRL, Son of a Stag, etc. 1. I had to look this up, and while I haven't had it in London...
It's a little bit long, but it still looks good. My Private White fits similar
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