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 Yes I have the Filling Pieces low in black felt. Unique silhouette and nice use of margom sole, but the construction isn't on par with others in this thread. 
Had some interns come thru today and help me sort some backstock.    
 If it's someone on here...please put measurements in the listing.
 All the feels my man. All the feels.
 Ha. Hahahahahaha. Bwahahahahahahahhahahahaha
 Usually on Thursdays I think, I don't know what the plan is yet. We're looking for a place to host first.
 Try to come up for the next styleforum X san francisco meetup too. We're planning it right now so stay tuned.
 Do you live in Cuba or something? I wish I was having this weather right now. Also, quoting all the images cuz this is too dope.
 Come on up, let's link up when you do. Always happy to meet up
 Yeah + I think that EPLA jacket is way less rigid that anything waxed from Gustin. Probly better for your summer than mine. I gotta battle fog the next few months haha
New Posts  All Forums: