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Guys, what is even the conversation in here? APC thread all over again.   The collab is made by the GAP. Since when has anything from there fit well or has been made well, and why do you expect that to change? They have several specific target markets and they will continue selling to it. Skinny jeans and well fitting sweatpants aren't really part of that.   Whenever a designer collabs with a basic brand, the story is always the same. They take the best selling designs...
Have to bail on this unfortunately...have to show my apartment for a potential renter tonight.
You sure bro? I feel like this is dangerous territory
Hi spoo
Gus, will you be offering the labels as stick & poke tattoos to the first 25 customers?
 I'm sure the dudes in the denim thread would know, but this looks to be a rad slouchy tapered fit. You should just get the second narrow jcut jawnz and get something interesting
 Do you mean alexandre plokhov? I'm going to check this out tomorrow. I'm sure you've seen the thread but I'm not as excited as I was a week ago.
 Are these in US stores already? I thought Thurs? Anyone know if it's in the SF store?
 Thanks. Any plans to do a coat?
Does ring jacket do any outerwear? And if so, will you have any of it on display?
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