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 Just did this with an Isaia shirt
 HEY quit stereotyping us  Also, there's this little diddy for those wanting something similar to that liquor bottle by @barrelntrigger's favorite brand, Neighborhood: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/222791/s/neighborhood-booze-reaper-salt-pepper-shakers/category/109/ 
 Ya I might be down there in mid-Sept if anyone is keen to chill
 I predict these to be someone's lookbook in ss16 Probably McNairy
 I really wanna see @RegisDB9 wear this
 <3 you thoooo
 Maybe. I think we're getting desensitized to average grails and now we need to reach higher. You gotta go after what's rare and ridiculous even in Japan. 1873 selvedge miner jeans and diamond thread train drivers caps.
 I forgot to put my face on
    Also, fitpic here.... coat: RRL (spoo)tshirt: nomads (local brand, store closing sale)jawnz: gap (super clearance)shoez: cons (thrifted them painted with crackle) 
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