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Lovin the Azure Lime, thanks MC!!   Will buy again soon once I figure out what other scent I need. Cheers!
I'm in!
 Ha! I haven't been on there yet, thankfully. They're all fits from the SWD WAYWT thread. I'm pretty sure the owner of that tumblr has since been banned from SF for unrelated incidents...
@LuxireStudio   Are you guys making the sashiko fabrics available for pants? 
AGH. After about 10 years of no issues. Thank god it only fell on carpet Question: how important is it to get an omega link spring replacement? Do I need to go to an AD for that?
  Just got back from Mr Hare in Notting Hill. Holy crap the jodhpurs and chelseas are nice. Amazingly sleek and cool. Def a top contender vs Saint Lauren Also, the suede slip ons are completely next level soft. Haven't felt suede that soft in a long time. Was hoping to catch a glimpse of the clothing line but they haven't set anything out yet :(
 REPORT FROM LONDON Missed LCM. More than a few pints had. Can I have my own StyFoLDN hashtag now?
Sorry Gus, you know where I'm at...   @barrelntrigger @Fidelio how's about it?
K, you asked for it @barrelntrigger All perfect All recent All trofeo/15mil/su misura All unavailable
 No worries, safe and sound. I'm going to London/Germany/Oregon in the next few weeks. Will try to post my watches in their natural habitats.
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