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 30.5" Take to PM if you're interested please.
 Levi's Panel Pants http://reviews.us.levi.com/1341/4086259/reviews.htm
Anyone want some nice raw white oak selvedge in sz 30? Thrifted these today. Available
  Go check out Nieman Marcus Last Call. The one near me has Kiton SC's at $700-800 on the reg. New, cashmere, basted shut, everything.
 Can I come over soon? I've got a really cool piece to show that I just sewed up
OH GOSH DARNNIT YOU GUYS   I really want to go to this one but i'll be in NOLA.     @P. Bateman is this at your apartment??
   Nice work Hans! Very even, and your taping was clearly exceptional since there was no spill over. Also, unless you send your shoes to the top tier guys, most local cobblers will do exactly what you just did  
   Pretty standard quartz from a brand that used to make rad vintage chronos. Besides, you're PRO and you KOPPed it. So, you know, well done.
  Holy shit. Would buy. Desert ninja for life. 
  Guys, I really don't think it's selvedge at all. I see the red line there too, but it doesn't look like selvedge. In order for a serger to do really great and clean work, it needs to cut off a certain amount of fabric so I think that it's the edge of a regular roll, not that they cut off the edge of a selvedge seam. Here is an example of both sides of selvedge denim I just serged up for @Guitar Preacher. Sorry man, I think we all wanted those 505s to be great.   Inb4...
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