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Hey Greg, can you comment on how warm the SS Decks jacket is?
 The shuffle!
 Not for that price...Kanye didn't cosign, won't sell.
Is this real life?   Gustin's on Grailed for $225   http://*****************/listings/36412-gustin-the-heavyweight-23-oz-32-slim
  Sounds like you need a slimmer fit
  Hey Cat, yeah this is dope. It's what all the sugar canes/flat head/iron heart flannels ripped off     Saw Private White stuff at a store in Oakland with @IRKSM, pretty cool for the vintage railroad fetishists out there
 Moar of this plz.
Just ordered the Gemini sweater, looking to get the Decks coat.   First SS pieces...let's see how they work for bigger dudes.
   We should dye on Sunday if we have time    
  Love these. Great repurposing of that pendleton blanket. How do you plan to wear this in FL?
New Posts  All Forums: