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I have nothing to contribute.
 Shoot...can't wait for mine to arrive.
 This is cool, not a bad first project.  Jacket is miles ahead of where I'm at. Might try the bag, but my leather is about the same thickness as@fireflygrave@fireflygrave's. Will it be able to handle something like this? http://howdidyoumakethis.com/simple-leather-tote-bag/
 I know right...I honestly wasn't expecting much, but quality never goes bad I guess. I'm thinking cork/cat's paw on the next resole.
 Just looked em up. Explain more please
Shouts to @schmidtdalton13 for hooking me up with some busted ass boots BEFORE AFTER Plz ignore white balance issues
 Hey guys, quick question here. Your website says 39mm case for the bauhaus, but the hodinkee review says 42mm. Is it a measurement issue or did you change the casing?
First time working with leather, and I got about 9sq ft of lamb in distressed black. I ordered it online and the store promised a thick 2oz, but it's only about the thickness of a dime. I'm not sure what to make out of it as I originally bought it for a tote bag. Leather is very soft and pliable... Wouldn't mind a jacket out of it. Any ideas?
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