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The '76 is a 12.5 oz yarn-dyed, wide-loomed denim woven in the US. The feedback so far on them has been really positive. I think if you are comparing it to our selvage options, then you aren't going to find the same depth of character. However it is a great jean for the price.
I can get back to you with specific measurements for the fabric we have in stock right now tomorrow if you like. However I will say it definitely depends on the denim you have typically been wearing. We are more of the vanity sized variety, meaning a waist "size" is often going to measure a bit larger. For example our 30 will often times measure about 16 inches across the waist, making it a 32 inch waist. As far as the stretch goes, I would always suggest buying them...
 Oh and to speak to the sanforization question - while I don't know for SURE, I would be INCREDIBLY surprised if they were unsanforized. I would say I'm about 99% sure they are sanforized, as I can't imagine them marketing them to such a vast audience with a fabric that would shrink several sizes.
 I would suggest going with the tighter pair if they aren't ridiculously tight. After having felt them my assumption, although like I said I know very little specific information on the fabric, would be that they have the potential for quite a bit of stretch.  Even in our heavier fabrics I have seen the potential for up to a size's worth of stretch through the waist and hips.  Keep us updated on how they are working out - the fabric seemed like it would be a fun one to...
 Unfortunately I can't be sure - all of the sourcing for those pieces was done through Gap, and Baldwin really only played a part in the design process. I did get my hands on it, and I can say it certainly felt nicer than the typical Gap selvage, HOwever I can't speak to the origin or ounce weight other than guessing it might be around 12 oz. How are they breaking in?
 They are in the production line-up but I haven't seen a specific date set to them yet. I will be sure to keep you updated!
  Typically anywhere that is tight to begin with will stretch to a certain extent. Obviously the waist is generally going to stretch the most, and the hips and thighs after that - but I have found the knee and calf areas of my Henleys also stretch after a while. You've got to think that anywhere that feels tight feels that way as a result of stress being put on the fabric - which is why the fabric stretches anywhere. The knees will stretch and mold fairly quickly, and they...
Are these still available?
We should have more KC hats (both restocked versions and perhaps a new colorway or two) here in the fall as well. We are currently moving towards a constant stock of two or three original colors and introducing small batch collections of them throughout the year.
Would you be willing the sell the Alden PTB? I dont have much to trade currently, but I would be interested in buying.  
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