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i dont want to seem harsh but this is a little ridiculous. a nose stud is IMO the same as an earing. Same with a lip ring, eyebrow piercing etc. if its tasteful, its passable in any job. I personally have no problem with any piercing, body art, etc in the workplace and will hire anyone who will get the job done right. i dont care if they have a tire hanging from their earlobe, if they are productive and efficient they will be an employee. Sending the wrong message?...
my friend and i were discussing some of the many things that Boston is missing... 24 hour subway service, 24 hour diners, etc. but the one piece that we thought was missing was the famous rub 'n tug massage parlour. im sure there are a few in boston that we just dont know about. anyone here experienced the happy ending parlour? i for one, have yet to go, but im sure sometime i will make it over to one. What was the experience like? cost? tipping? ettiquette?
save brazil for carnaval in springtime. try bermuda, or bahamas this time of year, its not too hot. europe is also very nice this time of year, or some late summer skiing in chile?
www.solepedia.com or .net, cant remember. then look up Nike SB dunks. tons of colors and funny thing about em, buy them new, wear em once a month or so and they will actually appreciate in value. sambas and black chucktaylors go with anything but adidas are too narrow for me thats what i wear with jeans. if im dressin it up a bit i'll wear cole hann loafers/ gucci drivers, but nothing shiny like aforementioned.
Whether its facebook trolling, or photobucket, flickr, anything... I laughed so hard at those pics in the "jersey girl" post i almost got fired. i really wouldnt mind telling people that i got fired because of my uncontrollable response to a picture album of Jersey's finest Carmine Gotti wanna-be's There's nothing quite like the Jersey Blow-out... it's mystique is unrivaled by any hair style in history.
not an author but a writer. Larry David.
USA, Russia, China, Japan, and UK combined: military spending: Just over $600Billion I couldnt find the figures for space spending, but i know the US spent just over 5billion on space exploration last year, and only 28billion on environmental spending. How can we justify spending less than 1/10th the military budget on the only inhabitable planet in the solar system? thats like building a bad-ass tank with armor, missiles, and machine guns, while the driver sits...
well with the total collapse of the us economy comes a total collapse of the world economy. china needs us (their main importer of chinese goods), and we need china (for the szechuan chicken, and future first round draft busts for the NBA) IMO, the US began its decline about a decade ago. our economy is fragile at best, we dont produce any goods, all we dominate is software and intellectual property, and thats not a good base for a strong economy. our foreign policy...
usually you just want to end the interview with "i appreciate this opportunity, and i am excited about the prospect of working with you..." then send them a thank you email 2 days later to anyone that has interviewed you (make sure you get thier emails on the interview) and then if you dont hear after a week you can call them up and ask them what the f%$k is going on. (wordage might be changed) but that question isnt a total no-no, however it is a little desparate...
Nike has designed a shoe called the high hairs. its a nike dunk SB shoe dedicated to the fact that in the 80s and 90s, New Jersey led all states in its use of Aqua Net hair spray, (by more than 30%) the color scheme is the aqua net can, and it was only released in a few stores in New Jersey, (bon Jovi actually was at the opening ceremony at a skate shop, and it was on his birthday) that kinda stuff is straight JERZ
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