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No Sir. The Chepstow and it's Elastic Gusset 'cousin', the 'Lambourn were both made with Double Leather Soles until around 2-3 years ago, when the factory changed the Specification to Single Leather Sole. Best,            Richard.
Happy to advise you Sir, that the 2161 Last of Tricker's 'Jermyn St.' Collection is considered to be Regular Fitting. I never found anyone yet sizing up or down into this Last. Not personally familiar or aware of C&J 241 Last so cannot comment I'm afraid. Richard.
Would be interested to hear your thoughts Guys. Do you think some of the attraction of Cordovan, ie the creasing and patina that develops over time can be 'lost' in a model with Brogue Punching ? Only my own personal opinion, after seeing a few pairs of Cordovan after years of wear. I see models like the Burford, or perhaps the Austerity Stow in Cordovan working for me. What do you think Guys ?
Hi, if you wish to drop me an email at and I will give you all the information you will need to consider and check beyond doubt, the Sizing of your 'Henry'. 
Why don't we do both then ;-)
Stunning Colour right Marcos? Will be very interesting to see them in a few months time.
A Tongue Pad can work well, but you could also try a quicker and easier removeable Insole.
Thank you Sir. The factory always quote me 10-12 working weeks delivery on single MTO. I do often have them a little sooner, but with Summer Vacations on the horizon, production will stop for two weeks, which may or may not extend the making time. I am also limited to the numbert of Single MTO I can place each month, and demand is high. This again may extend making times a little. The factory never offer a guarantee on delivery times. Richard.
Hi Guys, I know the leather buyer at Tricker's very well, and he tells me that all of their Cordovan is sourced from Comipel in Italy. Just for interest, their Waxy cavalier Letahers are sourced from Horween, in the colours Lollipop, Black, Wheat and Parisian Blue.                    Richard.
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