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Still have these?
Brand new with tags.  Size Medium.  Great pants, just don't fit.  
Brand new with tags.  Size Medium.  Great pants, just don't fit.  
We tried, but never found out who did it.  Even tried gettting local news involved, to no avail.  
This my parents' dog, Buddy.  He has had a rough year.  First, he was bit on the tongue by a copperhead.  Then, he got ran over by a truck.  Finally, this happened:         [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]]       [[SPOILER]] Some brainless asshole shot him close range with a 12 gauge.  Poor guy was missing for half a day before he was found.  But, one day after surgery he was up and moving again.  I am beginning to think he is indestructible.  Two months after the...
Find the spray version.  It works MUCH better.  
Yea, sold.
Shipped-$165 $155 $140 Brand new w/tags.  Could probably make them work, but my thighs make me think otherwise.  Here is what Context has to say:     14.8 Selvage Denim Woven in Japan With 100% American Cotton Sanforized Cut and Sewn in Japan Antique Gold-Color Buttons Original White Leather Patch Pocket Bags Stamped with Japanese Hanko Stamp All size measure 38" on the Inseam Button Fly Chainstitched Hem Contrast Blue...
Shipped-$100   $95 $85 Great sweatshirt, just hasn't gotten enough use to justify keeping it.  I have worn it twice, hand washed and air dryed once.  Fits a sz large/slim xl
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