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Reasonable offers welcome  
PM sent.
Tagged waist is 29", actual waist measured while laid flat is 30".
For sale is another pair of Imperial Kings in pretty worn condition, but still have years of life in them. Bought a while ago from a seller that listed the sizing incorrectly, hence me not being able to feel comfortable wearing them and have been hanging out with the countless other pairs of denim I have to list.   Crotch has NOT been blown out but rather reinforced with the remainder of denim to prevent a blowout. Looks more apparent in the photos than in...
Beautiful. If I wasn't putting funds into a bike, I'd be all over this.  
Thanks for the love. Yeah, the sleeve length is fine, it was the circumference around my forearms that was too small in which I have to sell. Every thing else fits perfectly and the ideal weight for spring/ summer. I'll measure you the sleeve width hopefully later tonight or tomorrow. :-D  
Sorry, sold.
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