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There are no used clothes stores within a 100 miles of here. These are located in the poor areas so knock yourself out And shoes do not have a patina (pronounced PAT in a) That's just old discoloured  leather. My yew wood Chippendale dining room table has a patina from age.  
No. So you'd have the same sweat stained blackened disease ridden insoles. And besides, why would you spend over a $100 on some ebay crap that doesn't even fit you when you could buy a new one for $300 and in your exact size and width? Sometimes they even sell for $200 on the AE site (don't buy shoes from anyone but the maker)  
You've never been within a 100 miles of Wall St and everything you think you know you got from some dumb TV show.  
A suit is just a uniform and you're going there to work and fit in not for a fashion show. And I said an AE modern looking slip on.  
NYC in Summer? Get a few tropical weight suits at BB for $500-600 or even better buy the separates. And get some good slip on shoes like the AE Westchester model. Bloomberg has worn this at work for years. Gucci slipons are good too. Ditch the dopey looking wingtips and captoes because no one outside of some office in Podunk would wear them today.  
If these are work shirts then consider them disposible. Buy a dozen a year, wear them out and then buy another dozen next year.  
Obviously a kid  here  lol  
No I'm not Chris Reeve. He died years ago and besides he was next door in Pound Ridge.
I have two advanced degrees and one of them is in law  and I have never known even a lower class student to wear used shoes. What college did you attend? The College of Podunk or Dogpatch U?  
You're an idiot and just want to rationalise the fact that you're a loser who buys used shoes. And btw, if I were to buy a new pair of shoes everyday until I died I couldn't spend all of my money. I've given more to the poor  in one day than you will in a lifetime. And yes, I live in a dump in Bedford,  NY  
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