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NIB Gaziano & Girling for Ralph Lauren size 10.5UK/11US, vintage oak, similar to the Antibes loafer. Small abrasion near inside left heel near top of shoe, should polish out ok, see picture. Retail $1,250, asking $499 shipped in the US. I accept Paypal. I bought this from forum member jreigen (pics and description above are his). I normally wear 11US but these are too small for me. For additional context, I wear a 44.5 in the Vass F last and 10E in the C&J 337 so...
I have both and love them both. The difference in browns is pretty big. And neither should be worn with a black suit. I would go with Audley first. I find myself reaching for that one more often.
^^^Agreed. S5 hands down in my opinion. I like the dark grey exterior with red interior. (I'm too lazy to look up the real names.)
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero It's something like this. 1.Pyramids 2.Taj Mahal 3. Great Wall of China 4. Eiffel Tower 5. Colosseum 6. Parthenon ... I think the most famous U.S. buildings are the White House, Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and the World Trade Center, but I don't know if any are among the top 10 in the world. St. Peters, the Duomo, St. Basil, the Forbidden City, Sydney Opera House, the Pantheon, and some...
Ecton in dark oak on the 82 or 606 (can you get it on the 82?). Or Dover. Tough call for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc I hit the santa ana/long beach ones. Love this place. Can anyone recommend a good, trustworthy body shop on the west side? Need some repairs on my wife's CR-V.
I like vox and would certainly welcome his return. But I'm an A Harris sycophant. Extremely well dressed, helpful and completely geniune, and a Vass rep. What's not to like? Where has he gone? And will he ever come back? Inquiring minds want to know.
price drop, now $640
Hi everyone, I'm a first time seller on this forum (but have been a buyer a few times). Well, I made a deal with the wife that if she let me buy the Kluft mattress I wanted I would sell one of the pairs of shoes I have that have never been worn. So I'm selling these beauties. I purchased these directly from Eva Vass but have never worn them. They are the Italian-Oxford model on the F last with Italian polish and single sole. Comes with trees, bags, and box. They...
Quote: Originally Posted by blacklabel anyone willing to sell their code? Does anyone know, are RRLs typically included in these sales?
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