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A friend of mine owns 2 pair of shoes, one pair of dress shoes and one pair of sport shoes. He wear the dress shoes daily since over one year and he is very happy with them. Only for sport he use the other pair. He clean the office slipper every two days and they still looks pretty good.
30 - 50 bucks new with tags? I would bet that's a fake, but I would contact the seller and ask. If he say that stuff is real but it isn't, you got something in your hand if you complain. It doesn't means it help, but better as nothing.
For your MOP Button: http://www.countryinthecity.net/mother_of_pearl.htm http://www.crafts4me.com/Merchan...._mpearl http://www.hst.com.sg
Here is another link: http://www.cromwellformalwear.com/vest_001.htm
I found a treat related to vest styles and tuxedos on AA, called "First Tux, black or Midnight blue". Charlie wrote: ...Several possible vests come to mind, even after reading your description. I'm particularly interested in how the vest lapel (if any), pocket, and shoulder can be styled. And how the back should be completed. So, I did a little web searching for something with representative vest styles. Although I do not intend to order anything from this operation,...
I've been in Hongkong twice and I think there are some pretty good deals on Notebooks and such stuff around. But lot's of stuff is quite expensive. Check out the Ocean Center and the streets around it, however all over Hongkong are places where you get anything.
I give 5 to 10 bucks per day, depends on the Hotel and the overall service. Sometimes a bit more, if the maid is my taste
Quote: yes please update us on the quality, detail work, fabric feel etc. I choose a cheaper fabric as a test first, Oxford and Piqué PE-0BE1. Plain white pattern, wide spread collar, 2 button angle cuff, hidden front, a pair extra collar stays (requested) The construction of the shirt is pretty good in my Opinion. I can't really compare the fabric, as I'm only own a couple of Jantzen shirts, but I think the fabric from my new shirt is softer....
So folks, finally I got my shirt 3 weeks after I put the Order in. Everything looks pretty ok, style and details as requested. The Order process is very easy and the customer service is really great. They answer my mails within Minutes. I need to adjust some of my measurements and I'll order 2, 3 more shirts. What I really like is that I don't need to send my Credit Card details to them. They send an Invoice and I paid by myself. I'm don't like when I send those details...
Quote: What page is the May 24 moratorium listed? I could only find the one on http://www.jantzentailor.com/orderform.htm Go to http://www.jantzentailor.com and scroll down. He write on this page: ....we are not able to accept any New/Repeat OVERSEAS orders of shirt before 24th, May, 2005....
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