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This is a KILLER Angelo Nardelli 1951 "Hydro" Cotton Unstructured Double Breasted Blazer - This is a very nice piece and has a ton of great details including patch side pockets, barchetta breast pocket, pick-stitching, double vents, thick peak lapels, amazing 6 button closure, modern silouhette, Mother of Pearl buttons, slim fit cut tapered at the waist, working cuffs, etc etc..  The color is in between a navy and and air force blue and is very versatile. I would put...
db on notch lapels? hmmm.. 
my perfect measuremt but Sleeves are real short J.  did they receive an alteration work? 
Summer.. a beautiful word that does not exist in New York. 
Very Unique and sartorial. Made of natural leather. The color is a beautiful tan beige that is rare to find in this particular model.    Size 9.5 (42.5 Euro) PRE OWNED IN Good condition Handmade in ITALY. Retail price is $495.    The shoes were consigned to my cobbler in Manhattan and received protective pads work and taps on outer sole to last for a lifetime :)    Payment via Paypal and Shipping is FREE CONUS.  Shoes also available on eBay under item...
Beautiful & Sartorial!  Give it a shot on eBay Patrick. I know they're thieves and charge nuclear fees, but this forum is either dead, or cheap as dirt.  
Nice jacket Lotus.  Throw it on eBay. It will sell in a heart beat. This forum is DEAD. 
What's this sartorial garment still doing here?!  At this price it's a donation for God's sake!
Hi Def,  Check the Carolina Herrera DB I have.. Very similar at a great price..  Here is a link: http://www.styleforum.net/t/360130/carolina-herrera-olive-green-cotton-double-breasted-jacket-38us-slim-40us-595   Cheers
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