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Thanks, Mike. Buttermilk falls up in the Catskills.
I call it the Lower East Side Tuxedo: canvas on top, canvas on the bottom. (Doyle and old Smith canvas jeans.) Perfect for a quick jaunt to the local waterfall.  
Is this the return of the short-lived canvas jeans? I hope so--I picked up one pair of those just as they were disappearing, and they're tremendous. Sizing was confusing, but it ended up working out perfectly. My favorite casual pants.
It's definitely not a perfect match, but for me, better than completely new sole. Don't remember the exact price, but in the $30-40 range.
Yup! Had the exact same problem on another pair of commando-soled Carminas. I wear through toes very quickly regardless of the sole. Was hoping the rubber on these would last longer, but no. Anyway, took them to B. Nelson, who put a sturdier rubber patch on the toe. Not quite as pretty, but they're taking wear much better.
I typically need a wide last but found that the Oscar worked great for me. I'm an 11E Barrie; I went UK10.5 (US 11.5) in these and found they fit perfectly. They definitely do have a roomier instep; 10.5 Forest is too narrow for me.  
I don't have them on hand for a photo, sadly, but I wanted to chime in and say that these shoes are as great as they sound. My favorite fall/winter shoes by a mile.
Then my glorious Photoshop effort was for nothing. Who won?
The random drawing for the fall fit contest never actually happened, did it? If not, may I humbly suggest SVB does it live on Saturday, lottery style?  
I can't speak to Carminas per se, but I've had plenty of sunken metal toe taps installed by B Nelson. It makes a huge difference in terms of toe wear. No experience with nails around the toe as you're describing, unfortunately.
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