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I am moving somewhere where the temperature is subzero (down to -10 F today after windchill). Would the single or double Mackinaw work for this? Any other filson products that would work at these temps?
Ordered the Roadmaster off of Jcrew using the snowman code. The pictures make it look black but the color is described as "belstaff olive". Anyone seen one in person and have an idea what the color is like? I'd rather have a dark brown/olive color than pure black but I guess I can send it back if it doesn't appeal to me.
How warm is this jacket? Belstaff are pretty lightweight more like a fall/spring jacket correct?
As seen here on context: Just tried on once and found out they were too small. Asking for $110 each shipped. I would also be willing to trade for another Gitman shirt if anyone has a size medium that is too large for them. Please PM me if interested. Both shirts sold and shipped.
This is a brand new pair of Dry Bones Red-D jeans. I just bought them from self edge a few weeks ago, only tried them on once and found that they were way too tight. Unfortunately I had them hemmed to a 34" inseam and cannot return them. I am asking for $250 The measurements as taken from self edge: Waist: 31.3" Inseam: 34" Thigh: 11.5" Leg opening:7.4" Rise:9.7" Pics: Here is a previous thread of mine selling Warehouse jeans if you are interested in...
Warehouse still available any interest?
Crates shipped and sold, prices on the others dropped.
Purachased a green longsleeve seersucker. All of michael's shirts have fit me very well so far. They're my favorite.
Up for Sale Crate Hamilton Chinos tagged 32, never worn as they fit a bit too tight for my liking. Excellent condition. Payment received from buyer, shipping tomorrow. Waist: 16" Upper thigh: 11.5" Inseam: 34" Leg opening: 9" J Crew Broken in chino. Tagged size 32 x 30 Good condition. Asking for $10 Waist: 16" Upper thigh: 12" Inseam: 29.5" Leg opening: 8.25" Warehouse Dubbleworks 660 tagged 30 x 36 These were hot soaked once and worn 2 times. Plenty of indigo...
Mauro, is there anyway I can get an extra rivet? One of my front pocket rivets popped off. Don't seem to have any stitching issues though.
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