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just checked the label on mine, it says Made in England..   I like it a lot, one downside is that as far as i can see Barbour does not make a hood for this coat.
found them :|CallType=Product&prodId=L6W3&des=&cat=90&gender=men&group=shoes&vendorColor=&season=sale&seasProdID=55I
Honestly, americans and Europe.. You have never been to the UK before...And also you havent been to Europe. It is not the same thing. Sayn that europe is europe is like sayn that NY and Mexico is the same. Sorry for the of topic rant and have a nice stay in London!
thanks for fast replies!   The Mr porter sale does not work :-(  Does TBN still have a sale? Or was that a limited time only?
what is this TBS store you speak of? Been googeling and cant find a thing.   Also, is Mr Porter doing a US only sale? I cant find any trace of sale on mr porter..
Anybody know where to buy these? Or what they are?  
Is the fishtale ready for order? Aprox how long turnaround?
Do you have a link for these? Thanks in advance.  
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