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Price drop
I recently purchased a pair of Somet 005 (straight fit black) in tagged size 30 that I am now selling, if anyone would be interested.   The quality of the denim is excellent, but I'm not satisfied with the fit of this particular size.
Purchased about a week ago, and, notwithstanding the denim quality, am not entirely happy with the fit.   Soaked and worn only once.   No significant difference between pre-soaked and post-soaked measurements, (about half an inch waist, inseam).   These have not been hemmed or otherwise altered in any way.   **Will ship anywhere in the world, but listed price does not include shipping fees**   More info from Blue in Green site:   Somet 005...
Has the inseam on these been hemmed?  The measurement seems very short.
I have a "stupid" old is "too old" to wear low-rise jeans (like Somet)?
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