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What's the size?
Hello   I am within 1-2 weeks of buying a suit, or two. My local men's shop offers MTM suits from H Freeman and a Southwick. I'm planning on going soft shoulders, 3/2, slightly fitted, pick stich, single vent-no hook.    Southwick was the maker of a suit I own by J Press; I have no problems with this garment, it's a little rough and stiff- even after a year in service, but otherwise it's construction and shoulders suit me fine (intended).     H. Freeman was...
I'll take it in 986 style: 
sign me up for any modified loafer- calf, cordovan, plastic. whatevs. 
Those are on modified last 8 eee. so it's a little bit odd in terms of sizing and last. they work well and are very comfortable. i wear a 8.5d Barrie... but painfully.
  not new at all. These were tan cap toes until i got impatient with the color and had them turned to brown at a local shop. which is lovely. the previous color really adds some depth to the added color.
My 8.5 modified last boots are larger than my 8.5 shoes. i have 5 pairs now so i know it's not a normal thing. i'm quite sure that the shoes are made purposefully larger to take into account differences in socks between boots and dress shoe and boot. if it bothers you, moulded has inserts shaped like the modified last to make the shoes seem smaller in fit.
Yeah. I melted it away with scorching water and saddle soap. about 70 percent back to original color. thankfully the leather isn't as damaged as i thought it would be.
I've got a serious problem with these tan aldens i bought 1.5 years ago. i've been trying to darken them (from orange- tan to orange-brown) and frankly they look so bad now that they're unwearable. i've done this experiment several times and it's built up fairly ugly looking polish atop the leather. i took some tape to reveal the true color. apparently the leather itself hasn't really changed color despite my efforts. can anything be done to save these shoes?    
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