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read something about the webstore opening in the fall, anyone have a date?    looking to pick up a duffle coat for the winter 
debating between the 1" skinny natural and the 1.5" natural...opinions?
^thanks for the tips and recommendation      looking forward to this collab too, i want the AM1s    
^ just bought of pair of those per your recommendation in the concrete nubuck colorway. found them on 6pm for only 20 bucks! 
Just bought a pair of these...     They're on sale at 6pm for 40 bucks... never had any experience with PF Flyers but these look really nice to me. couldn't pass for the price.
ns down 2. almost 6 months of wear. no wash/soaks. sorry for the crappy phone pics.      
i'm a college student looking for a new go-to casual shoe with jeans...have it down to either a pair of clarks desert boots (in beeswax) or a pair of suede wing tips.   for wingtips, i am looking at the allerton pair from jcrew or similar styled shoe.   what do you guys think?
  I'm looking at the practicality aspect of the coats the most. Warmth and fit are of equal importance,and it's my understanding that all three coats are made of a wool blend. I'd like to wear it bumming around campus and also when going out (bars, dates, etc). Possibly even throwing it on over a sport coat.   I've had the opportunity to try on the peacoat, which fit very well, but the duffle seems to be a nice alternative.      
in need of a new coat...looking at either the duffle, peacoat, or the chesterfield   opinions?
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