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             "Where does he get those wonderful ties?!!"
Size 8 US
Alden size 8 in the Barrie last fits perfect for me. I ordered a size 8 in the Cognac Double monks and they are just a tad too large. I have a 7.5 ordered so they should fit like a glove. The size 8 is in the classifieds for sale.
SOLD This is a brand new pair of Howard Yount Cognac Suede Double monks in size 8. I bought size 8 and 7.5 and these are a little too large for me. I thought I would give someone the opportunity on this forum to purchase them before trying to return them. The size 8 is sold out on the Howard Yount website. The extra 10 dollars is for the shipping. Paypal accepted
  ...and selling out fast!   They are a beautiful shoe. Well done Jamison
Can't wait to order the double monks!
I'm diggin' the double monks....Nice!
I like the dots
Milano Chinos on the cheap  
Hey guys, Thanks so much for all of your patience. We've formally built out the Whiskey Shell Wingtip Boot on our website, and we're accepting deposits on it now. Preorders will be open until next Saturday the 4th. http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1366/Alden-Whiskey-Shell-Wingtip/Detail     Thanks Mike! wasn't sure if an 8.5 D or an 8E was the way to go so ordered one of each. Shouldn't have a problem selling one of them 
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