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I've had these up for sale for over 2 years now....anyone want to give me literally anything for them? Trade? $10? Just sick of having them at this point. 
Edited this listing to reflect current items for sale :)
Sold the Post O'Alls vest, listed some more stuff incl Tender Type 129 jeans, size 3. Prices dropped significantly on all other items. Must sell so make offers, including trades~
Taking these down to $200 OBO! Really trying to get another pair in my size and pre-order for the next run is already closed. I'd settle for one of the other colors at this point.    Make me an offer, trades accepted. 
Dropped these down to like $120 on my grailed. Need to move some stuff so I can do a little holiday shopping! Make an offer. 
Just purchased from another user, and it turns out these run even larger than the 1/2 size that the website states. I would like to get in on the current pre-order to get a smaller size, so would love to sell these asap. These will wear in beautifully - click here to go to the Epaulet site for comparison photos and more info   Brand new in box, unworn except to try on for 1 minute. They fit very well in width, but length is a little long. For reference I wear a 9.5 in...
 Listed a few things up on Grailed today https://*****************/users/7818-alanvan/wardrobe   UPDATES! Rogue Territory ISC Trouser size 28 - New - $180   Gitman Indigo w/ red pindot small - $80   Left Field Selvedge Indigo Twill Field Pant - size 30 - Like new - comes with tags $160   $100   Heirloom indigo tee - Small - purchased new from self edge - $60  sold   Five Brother Flannel - Small - from Context - $70  sold   Post Overalls Tweed Herringbone...
Worn on and off for a couple months, but they are too big for me. I hot soaked once to try to shrink them to fit, but still too large in the waist. Washed once in addition to soak, minimal fades noticeable. These jeans are handmade on vintage machines by one guy, start to finish, in small batches. This fit and fabric are not currently available through his site. Details and construction on par with W.H. Ranch, Roy, etc. Cost 230Euro/ $250 USD new.    (from his site)  ·...
I've got three nice pairs of shoes for sale! (As well as some other stuff on grailed, incl LVC denim jacket, supreme tee, rapha sweater)    Redwing black moc toe size 8.5 $120   SOLD   Thorogood for Epaulet Horsehide oxford size 8.5 $100   Yuketen Navy suede moccasins size 8.5 $100    All are in very good condition, worn lightly and well cared for. The yuks have seen the most wear, but still have tons of life left and have no rips, holes, or obvious wear...
Yes, still available. Thanks!
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