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Seems like hatch grain is a no go for the rain chukka Any interest for vegano brown calf for this model ?
Epaulet did a mto with this hatch grain from carmina i think. Im also all for a regular grain calf medium/dark. But not tan. Antique brown calf is nice...
For me burgundy dont work.    So far hatch grain gets most traction it seems   Dark brown hatch:: gordon86 ers04004 Erik west rc121   Mayby? Laufer rydenfan   Leaves: Can you give an idea of the shade thats possible in the hatch grain? We should also get a price estimate
No. You in ?antique Grain calf ok ?
To summarize   Carmina Model 905 - Rain last Brown antiqued grain calf / Darker brown horween hatch grain Single dainite sole Storm welt Purple lining     Basicly this model, only on RAIN last with a slightly darker color (brown antiqued grain or darker hactch grain)     Antuqued brown grain color:       Darker hatch grain example from AS chukkas:  
Hatch grain in darker brown is ok. But i think long lead time? Grain calf is soft and versatile for autum/winter tho...
I would be interested in this model in medium brown grain calf like the jumper boot below. Single dainite with storm welt. Anyone else?I would also do horween hatch grain in a darker hue than those on the simpson last at skoaktiebolaget
Bump No interest ?
Would anybody be interested in this model on the RAIN last with Tomir leather/rubber combination dress sole?   Color Vegano brown    Pictured in burgundy below. Picture in the middle is the Tomir sole - feels like a leather sole. And at last the shoes worn by spoo on the simpson last which is a narrow last.    
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