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I'm not a fran of striped ties, though I've seen some that I like from time to time. Might try to look harder. 
The red background in the tie is less intense IRL, if that helps. More of a dark blood red.
This is what I meant; I think this jacket requires a solid shirt and tie, but since I have no decent solid ties (big mistake, I know, and will be fixed) I hope I did well enough. Out of all my new ties, this one has the less dense pattern (though it's large).  
Thanks, yeah this is going to be a long month! But it was worth it, I'm quite happy with this jacket. The extended and slightly "roped" shoulders finally manage to give me a silhouette where hips are not wider than upper torso, and together with the flared skirt results in a waist, something I don't have
New MTM Sherry Tweed jacket + flannel, mercer oxford, cappelli challis and cappelli madder   [[SPOILER]]  
 That is key. I guess I'll be posting my experiments with my new SC for feedback, I think it's quite nice but very challenging to match with another pattern. The larger, less busy prints might work.
 How about odd jacket + knit vest/cardigan? I wear that often.
 And who cut those trousers? I'd kill for something like that.
spalla insellata  Pirozzi seems to do a great work with this type of shoulder. I personally prefer a softer, more convex shoulder ("spalla cadente") with "faux roping" (created by pressing open the seam allowances). Can't use that terminology with my tailor though (he's Spanish!)
That might be why I find slightly larger prints more pleasing with sport coats.   Out of those ties, 4 still haven't been worn (the first 3 challis and the first madder) cause they are new   The challis, knit and madders are worn with any sort of sport coat, from navy blazers to tweeds; I think they are quite versatile. Some could maybe work with a suit, but I just don't wear suits anymore. The twills are worn mostly with blazers, for a city look. They don't really...
New Posts  All Forums: