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The advanced fixes Despos has proposed are probably not doable (though I will try to communicate it), but there are options to drop both the fronts and the back from the shoulder when ordering. I guess that would at least provide some more fabric over the blades for a better result.   I think I will also try to get this jacket fixed even if it involves opening up the whole top. I like it way too much! My tailor would probably want to do it free of charge (he usually does...
Use the paper gift wrap!
Oh by the way, I'd like to ask if there's a way to minimize the effects of a short back without opening up the entire top of the coat, to fix this garment. I'd feel like I'm bothering my tailor because after all it was my fault for not standing correctly at the "fitting". I'd be happy if the bottom kicked out a bit less. Can it be corrected at the side seams somehow?
 That combo needs a solid shirt IMO, Betelgeuse. Jacket pattern is too close in scale to the one you're wearing.
Thank you Despos. Yeah, I know the coat borders on having a short front, so I was thinking of dropping it a tiny wee bit to allow some leeway for posture changes throughout the day. I like the hem to be parallel to the ground but I could ask to shorten from the bottom as much as it's dropped from the top. It looks like I'm one of those people who need both a longer front and back to achieve proper balance.   I'm not sure your suggestions can be carried out to the MTM...
Here's my latest MTM coat. I think it's pretty good, specially from the front, but the back seems a little short, and as a result, the bottom is being pulled away from my seat. For a next commission, besides making the jacket a bit longer overall, I would maybe slightly drop the fronts from the top (making the coat shorter from the bottom the same amount so the hem stays parallel to the ground), but what do I need to ask for to fix the back?             Keep...
I almost have my MTM garments' balance perfect.   he only problem I have is that the rear kicks out a little, as in the short back diagram. I think it's due to a rounded back, because it only kicks out around the center back seam area; vents do not gape. It was my fault; my stance was a bit more erect than usual when I was at the tailor. It's not off by much; fronts are perfect and I don't want to touch them. Would "opening" the back a little (in future commissions) help...
 Actually, both things are fixable, but they would be rather expensive. Since it was a gift it might be worth it, you could ask a tailor.
I'm actually wrong it seems, H&S site says "Viceroy Super 100's Luxury Woollen Spun Flannel by Holland & Sherry Savile Row London". I just thought it was worsted when I saw it because it's not very mottled and the diagonal weave is quite visible, but looks like it's woollen after all. The handle was quite nice.
I don't care about the "darker tops, lighter bottoms" rule any more. I am bottom heavy. Darker bottoms just look better.   This might not be the best combo I've ever posted, but I seriously believe it's the most flattering:     And I've just ordered a pair of dark grey, 18 ounce worsted flannels.
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