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Oh. I thought "inferior" meant "SF disliked" 
Why? She says khaki, not grey.
Mine:   - Full cut trousers and relatively loose fitting jackets - Clip-on suspenders (not that I prefer them, but I don't care wearing them) - Mid-calf socks (I don't have the "leg showing" issue even though I like pants with no break, go figure)
Pricing is very good for garments with such level of handwork. Still out of reach for me, I'm afraid.   I bet he can do any kind of shoulder indeed!  
Yeah the previous jacket did look a bit long, maybe because it had dropped fronts (which it turns out I didn't need) in addition to the extra length. Perhaps raising the stance by 1 cm, then lowering the bottom button by another centimeter would be a good compromise.
Solid challis might be a good idea too. I really like the hand of wool challis, it has displaced madder as my favorite fall/winter tie.
Yeah, I was thinking about cashmere, knits or otherwise more "interesting" solids (not grenadines, which I strongly dislike).
The button stance is rather low already, much lower than other jackets I have, and both my tailor and I decided to make this jacket shorter by exactly half an inch compared to the previous one... maybe a robopose with arms down would help to better judge proportions The only small quirk I have with this jacket is that the pitch on the left sleeve is a bit off. It came from the factory without sleeves, then the tailor basted one of them with the correct pitch and sent it...
I do like those. Gotta plan a new order of solids and stripes... but no money for now 
No idea, I just dislike most of them. Must be that I love prints too much, or that stripes remind me of my first cheap ties, who knows. I think I remember a pic of Manton wearing a repp stripe with a red background and thin yellow stripes, I liked that one.
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