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I tried four patterns today, probably fail. Striped shirt would have helped maybe.  
 My two new Mercer and Sons shirts arrived today and one of them is a blue/white micro gingham check. It screams "city casual" to me. Not sure on green and black though.
Channeling my inner upr_crust today with this Brooks Brothers Makers tie  
 Nice, that is what I like myself, a slight bump but not exaggerated. I guess that's what it looks like after it has settled a bit?  Maybe he thought you were talking about wadding for a true roped shoulder?
gdl, so the seam is not pressed open there? I thought that's what the italians called "rollino", but maybe I'm wrong and it means true roping (spanish terminology is different, what goes inside a true roped shoulder is called boatina)
I like it, the rollino...   (in spanish: chorizo)
How do you expect to move buttonholes?   Personally, I like a smaller distance from bottom button to sleeve hem than what is usual in RTW, so I can have surgeon cuffs shortened from the bottom, but not by much.
stitch, dat tie
It's not that black suits are bad, it's just that I can't think of any setting where a dark navy suit wouldn't look better.   Well, maybe a funeral.   And "primary color" or bright red ties are bad, burgundies, wines, etc. are great IMO
I'm sure he can pull off the stroller, I was just confused by the usage of the "business suit" term. In fact it's quite nice to see someone wearing a stroller, and a nicely fitting one at that.
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