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 I guess it depends on the rest of the ensemble. With a blazer and a grey or lighter blue tie, I think a white shirt would in fact be optimal.
 I think the point is that a blazer can be used for both city and country looks depending on the accesories. If you use city accesories, a white shirt would be fine.
 tis a blazer. nothing wrong with white shirt and a blazer.
I think yours fits better. Mine is custom but is somewhat off    It's me who is in serious disadvantage! 
Thanks! So PRL does have fairly sloping shoulders, I guess? Because that jacket fits great.   One of the "tailor's tutorial" threads on top of the page is about sloping shoulders. It's not hard to do for a tailor, just labor intensive.
Pliny, do you have your coats altered for sloping shoulders? My shoulders slope as much as yours and most RTW needs adjustment, otherwise cloth collapses below the armpits and looks pretty bad.   Today:         MTM blazer, flannels, Cappelli challis tie, Drake's wool hank
  That looks a lot like Hiro...
poo-chee, unfortunately  I do like the tie in a certain way, though. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it, but it meshes pretty well with HF's style, and that's what matters.
Oh. I thought "inferior" meant "SF disliked" 
Why? She says khaki, not grey.
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