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Yeah HF, you're right in that it could have been a bit longer. I just specified 1 cm shorter than my previous jacket, but didn't take into account that it had the fronts dropped by 2 cm + fronts longer by 1 cm, adjustments the new one doesn't have, so as a result, it is 4 cm shorter in total.   At least I'm extremely pleased with the resulting silhouette, it's the only jacket I have that makes me look like a man
Good afternoon         Cappelli challis once again, end-on-end Mercer shirt, lightweight flannel trousers and cream silk
Hmmmm, guess it's not, then.
Drake's and Cappelli have many fabrics in common, so I wouldn't discard it being the same.
Yup, that's why I mentioned "touching up". I've never had the guts to press my jacket lapels, chest or shoulders, and that even though my garments are either RTW or MTM and have almost no iron shaping work.   But for touching up, my experience has been far worse disasters with just steam than with the iron. Puckered seams all over the place. Not to mention steam removes trouser creases. You can't just steam your trousers, you'll have to press them sooner or...
Do it!
A steamer might be good for very small areas if you're away from home and can't do anything else, but if you're home, what is keeping you guys from using the iron?   Just get a sleeve board. Much less risk of wreckage if you press gently with the iron than if you use steam only (I'm talking about touching up, not fully pressing your jackets).
 But that is a very neat knit.
They are med grey. I didn't shoot for a stark contrast, but there's enough, more than is apparent in the pic. Not that it's gonna help me against Pliny's fit 
I like prints with SC's, but only if they are madder, challis, or an otherwise rustic finish; or, in the case of twill, large enough medallions. Small neats on silk twill are not so optimal IMO. A blazer is a different story, it takes anything.
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