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Nice fits people. Still keeping the bar high
Thank you gentlemen. I still do use the CM elements in my wardrobe (moving towards a "smart-casual" style though), but haven't posted anything in a while because it would become quite repetitive
My Magnannis do that too. I guess it's because they are burnished with creams, and the color comes off easily. I've learned to live with it though.
 Very nice thread indeed!
 Sorry to hear that, and thank you. Mine is pretty much the opposite, moved to a new house with my woman. But the only income we have is mine, so €700 jackets are pretty much out of reach now!
 I miss you guys as well :PMy life has changed and I'm basically poor now, and completely absorbed by work and other matters. No money for clothes, thus my interest in classic menswear as a hobby is fading. Hope better times will come. Or maybe I will switch from expensive MTM to thrifting
Pliny, we're both wearing the same tie today
 They seem to be gaping open to my eye. I'd say those trousers need to be roomier overall, with such a trim fit I'd have gone without pleats.
Long time no poast. Out in the wild, custom jacket and Mercer and Sons OCBD.  
 Thank you! Been quite busy lately, lots of work. Still not quite done I'm afraid...  Thank you Mr. Cerutti, really appreciate it 
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