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Madrid has some excellent workmanship, but unfortunately you're right in that most tailors here make a way too structured coat, and few of them know how to cut a jacket that will actually flatter the customer. Lapel width, for example, seems to be a matter of fashion for them May I ask where those €400 a jacket tailors are?
It doesn't look that lean to me, unbel. There's also some extra fullness at the back. The basted pics show the extra chest room in a more evident way, but to be fair I'm not sure how much of that remains in the final jacket...
 I think we agree in that morbid obesity doesn't really make most clothes look good, but that's far from the average WAYWRN poster. And with the right tailoring, even a doughy build can carry beautiful clothes - the man inside just won't look attractive or athletic, but the clothes will look great. Winston Churchill is a good example.
    mtm jacket dustin (crap, but fits the bigger me) shirt levi's 527 slim bootcut jeans meermin derby boots
If people exercised more, they would perhaps look more attractive, not necessarily better. A lot of people here enjoy the beauty of tailored clothes themselves. And a better body does not make clothes look better, it makes the person look better.
[[SPOILER]]  Bluchers look a bit weird in this otherwise 100% English look, no? Or is that flannel?
Tweed (faux or not) looks great with jeans IMO. I would have liked Vox's fit better if the jacket was less structured, more sporty looking, but I think it's good anyways. I'm wearing a similar ensemble today: tweed jacket, blue OCBD, levi's 527 and derby boots
First fit is wool challis tie and madder square, second is silk tie (wet) and same square. That madder is slightly wet, but much less than a plain silk square, which is what makes it great with wool ties IMO. BTW I know both fits are terrible, they're just illustrative pics.
 I lol'dBTW, I have a couple large paisley madder squares I bought from Cappelli. They weren't on the site but he did have them on display at his atelier. They're small in size but very nice, I believe Shibumi was carrying the same squares:I also have a large print tie from Brooks Brothers Makers, which Manton will probably hate with all of his soul:
Cappelli has awesome madder ties and squares. I miss his store so much, it's been a year already. If you can't find something you like at his website, you could always email Patrizio, he sure carries more stuff than what is there.
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