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Yeah, but I think I would be inclined to button both buttons most of the time. Dunno, I don't really like the idea of buttoning only the bottom one on a 2-button jacket, even if it's designed to do that. Anyways, the thought of a paddock jacket has crossed my mind before. Might end up with one, who knows.
Hmmmm, not bad. Perhaps it's just the pic, but that button stance looks a little low for a paddock, which is basically just a three button without the bottom button and a slightly lower stance. I'd put the buttons on a paddock higher than your example shows, not as high as a true 3-button but not as low either. This pic of the Duke of Windsor is what I think a paddock should look like:     I think something like this could look good on you; I doubt I can rock it...
Yeah, it's a twill. And looks like it's been brushed too. Very, very nice
On twill silk ties the "ribs" are not very noticeable, and since cloth is cut on the bias, they usually run in vertical or almost vertical.
 The weave does look like twill. Whatever it is, it's very nice
 What's wrong with gray and tan?  I think SF has had too much of an influence on me, cause I don't like NewYorkIslander's gdl's ensemble. Not to imply that it's wrong, cause what do I know. But I think it's the first time I don't like something he's put together.
btw stitchy, that tie looks great. Looks like challis, although not quite as smooth - regular wool twill?
I think if I have the next jacket made a bit longer, as HF suggests, the stance will look more balanced. Yeah, this MTM operation is messy. It's taken me way too many garments to get this result, and even then, it's never perfect. Besides the lapel roll thing, the sleeve pitch was corrected in just one sleeve, and the sleeve buttonholes weren't opened (I asked for 4 real buttonholes). I can't even open them myself because the first one is sewn on the outside only, so it...
Yes, that's the one
 Yes, Sherry Tweed book
New Posts  All Forums: