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That's not open quarters, those are ill fitting jackets. If you want that, ask any MTM program to make your jackets hips 2-3 inches smaller than your actual hip measurement. Too long fronts help, too.
I'm actually doubtful about today's jacket being real or faux tweed. It looks, and feels more tweed-ish than other faux tweeds I've owned, just doesn't feel as sharp as the real tweeds.
Cloth that feels "tweed-ish" but is not made of cheviot yarn, or at least that's what I believe it is.
Faux tweed, challis and madder    
I was expecting them around next week, but here they are... all wool challis, minus the one to the left on the second row, which is madder.  
Just ironing the creases will help.
 Get that thing out. Out of all black ties, a cashmere knit is probably the nicest I can think of... BTW, I don't particularly like the cloth in the jacket Cantabrigian has posted, but the silhouette is very, very nice. 
 Thanks, they're probably my best fitting and proportioned trousers. I want to see if I can replicate them with MTM, with some 520g flannel and maybe single reverse pleats. These are lightweight worsted flannel and tend to get caught on the shoes. You're wearing The Jacket I Envy™ today, I see  
Ouch, gotta clean that mirror.      [[SPOILER]]
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New Posts  All Forums: