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BTW, I was wondering about the taste level of my Cappelli collection. Colors are not 100% true to life really, specially the last one, which is a much darker peach color, but they're close enough...     4x challis, knit, 3x madder, 2x twill   They're to be worn mostly with odd jacket combos, not suits
 Yeah, I like how the shoulders on your jackets are done (I hope my last post didn't read like I don't). I don't like very structured shoulders for myself but if you do, Richard Anderson makes them well.
 This is an old post, but I have to +100000 to it. Even if you manage to put a crease on with steam, it won't last long. Sponge some moisture, then apply as much pressure as you can with the iron until it dries. Creases last forever that way.
Oh geez, poor suit.
Those are some built up shoulders, Fred49. But they seem very well executed. Richard Anderson?   Will.i.n, I dislike the tie too, but I only wear printed ties as of late, so I'm biased.
I can't participate, but this thread made me realize that I need to buy some more streetwear for hanging out on weekends. Most of my non-CM stuff is from 2-3 years ago, when I was 130 pounds heavier, save for a couple jeans and hoodies.
Don't ask for measurements that don't fit! I was being a bit sarcastic there, sorry about that. Kent Wang is likely to do it, now that I think of it.
Sorry if I was a bit harsh. To be useful, this is an example of real open quarters, notice how they open below the bottom button (some tie is showing but I think it's because of the stance), and there are no signs of tightness or imbalance whatsoever:     Unfortunately, I don't know where you can get this with online MTM, but a tailor should be able to re-cut the quarters on any jacket somewhat (starting from the bottom button/buttonhole).
That's not open quarters, those are ill fitting jackets. If you want that, ask any MTM program to make your jackets hips 2-3 inches smaller than your actual hip measurement. Too long fronts help, too.
I'm actually doubtful about today's jacket being real or faux tweed. It looks, and feels more tweed-ish than other faux tweeds I've owned, just doesn't feel as sharp as the real tweeds.
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