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 Hey, but I still think it's a hard 3 button without the lower button and a slightly lower stance!
 Sizing down will only make things worse. Looks like the back is too long, and your sloping shoulders make things worse; there's a lot of excess fabric collapsing and bunching up over your seat and below your armpits. Not sure you can fix that.
  I think I've been shaped by six packs instead! I guess a paddock would look like my latest coat with the top 2 done. It doesn't look particularly flattering, but doesn't emphasize gut either.
 I guess you're right; this is probably one of those times where one likes something only because it looks good on others...
Cantabrigian, would you say a paddock is fine if you just want a little extravagance? Let's assume it wouldn't have other #menswear bells and whistles all over the place. I kinda like the look of a hard 3-button with the top 2 buttons fastened, but the usual stance is too high to be flattering for me. A paddock has the look of a hard 3 but with a lower stance. If I just got a hard 3 with a lower stance, I feel there would be one button too close to the hem, but the paddock...
 Thanks! I like the jacket and it's one of the few survivors from last year's nonsense RTW buying spree, though after my latest MTM commission, every RTW item now feels quite uncomfortable and hard to move with
Wow, I'm impressed. Service is great per se, but that is just amazing.
real color looks quite nice
Clags, you could always button both buttons on a paddock coat, which would result in a higher stance. Heck, or even button just the top one, though that doesn't make much sense   The coat Victor has used as an example is so-so, but he also linked to another example by Slewfoot which looks much better.
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