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If, as a tailor, you want to attract the iGent clientele, you need iGent advertising.  What I hate is the fact that menswear blogs like that aren't really informative (though they pretend to be), they're just advertising billboards. How's a blogger going to make negative criticism about something he's been given for free/paid for? Nonsense. 
 If it doesn't fit, yes. He doesn't agree: 
Nice gdl, although perhaps a less matte silk square would have been a better choice?
Clags, cord looks great with madder or challis too.   Nice overall, but I don't like that shirt at all..
    mtm jacket (h&s intercity) emidio tucci wool/silk tie mercer & sons shirt e.g. cappelli silk square emidio tucci lightweight worsted flannel trousers meermin boots (might have rain today)
Oh, not custom? Then don't worry, I'll look for something similar, thanks!
Anden, what cloth is that jacket made of? Me want.
 As it's been said about a million times, one has to be brave to dress like that on a daily basis, but I can't deny it looks beautiful, and the picture is very nice...
Thanks for the 20 likes on my last pics, I wasn't expecting that with such a shirt     I wish I could lose the gained weight and use all of my stuff again. Feeling a bit sad about that last fit. 
 I'd have thought Liverano is anything but lean, shoulders are quite extended and chest is generous... waist and skirt seem close fitting though
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