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First fit is wool challis tie and madder square, second is silk tie (wet) and same square. That madder is slightly wet, but much less than a plain silk square, which is what makes it great with wool ties IMO. BTW I know both fits are terrible, they're just illustrative pics.
 I lol'dBTW, I have a couple large paisley madder squares I bought from Cappelli. They weren't on the site but he did have them on display at his atelier. They're small in size but very nice, I believe Shibumi was carrying the same squares:I also have a large print tie from Brooks Brothers Makers, which Manton will probably hate with all of his soul:
Cappelli has awesome madder ties and squares. I miss his store so much, it's been a year already. If you can't find something you like at his website, you could always email Patrizio, he sure carries more stuff than what is there.
Oh. I thought of them as sportcoat / casual suit ties. Guess they work with a city suit in the right context, though something still looks off to me... perhaps they don't work with all city suits, or maybe it also depends on the tie itself? Some of mine have quite big neats which I wouldn't wear with a worsted, solid, flap pocket suit...
I think it works with such a suit because it's not one of those fluffy wool ties... Manton, would you use wool challis with a city suit? I'm always tempted, but my eyes tell me it looks off, so I kinda trust my own aesthetic judgement...
 I personally like the colour palette, but would replace the tie with something more "suit-ish" than wool. Not a big deal though, and overall I think the fit works well.
 Thank you very much, Despos. I think I could actually make the second adjustment myself, but first I'll see how much my tailor will ask for...
Quick question to the tailors: I have a jacket where the skirt flares a bit, probably due to shoulders too sloped: At first I liked it, but now I think it would look better if it wasn't that flared - when the jacket is open it flares like crazy. I don't have money for expensive alterations anymore, so is it possible to close the skirt a bit by darting? Thank you.
 I'm actually wearing a similar fit, but my trousers are charcoal. Only the white square is missing. Might just stuff in some toilet paper, foo-puff it and take a selfie.
I'm gonna try and say that if you swapped the tie in both ensembles, top and bottom would look more balanced in terms of brightness. #1 doesn't look like there's enough jacket-trouser contrast though.
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