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Grrr. Now you're making me feel bad about the last mtm item I could afford (and probably will for years to come), lol. Well it's such a heavy flannel that it will make a great bonfire for the upcoming winter
I voted worst. Bar has raised a bit since the last time I was around here, and I dress worse than I did as well
well i usually wear lighter shoes with ensembles like that and that tie is much darker IRL, so I guess it'd be passable... thanks.
I used to think contrast was a good thing with sport coats, but I guess you can go overboard..
I usually wear this jacket with a pair of slightly darker flannels now, but don't have any pics
So is this inappropiate?   Old pic btw, I wish this jacket would fit today as it did back then...  
Fit on that jacket looks awesome, FM.
[[SPOILER]]  3 definately 1 looks like suiting and 2 and 4 are ugly IMO
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