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I close them with staples after buying, because that weak white thread is not resistant enough. Also, my custom jackets have a Velcro lining that keeps them fixed to flannel shirts; I can therefore raise my arms without the jacket riding up. Seriously, who said you should leave the pockets closed?
lol, I guess. BTW, I hate non-buttoned collars with a coat and no tie, unless they are soft and sporty. I might be crazy as well. And whomever invented collar stays should have been kicked in the nuts. Multiple times. Many times. I'd still be kicking him today if he was alive. There's my take
YYes, some advice is useful even though it might act as advertisement at the same time. But it's not always that easy to differentiate good advice from bad advice, specially if you're a beginner.
OCBD with no tie and sport coat is bad? Has the world gone mad or something?
 This x1000, Foo. It's not just SF. It's thousands of blogs spewing nonsense because they're biased towards certain brands, or tailors. They get paid by them or get freebies, of course. SF is not the most blatant example of this unfortunate situation, but still. Out of all those blogs there are some which are more useful (Put This On comes to mind), and others which are just billboards. When trying to learn and refine my own taste, I'd rather trust those who are tasteful,...
If, as a tailor, you want to attract the iGent clientele, you need iGent advertising.  What I hate is the fact that menswear blogs like that aren't really informative (though they pretend to be), they're just advertising billboards. How's a blogger going to make negative criticism about something he's been given for free/paid for? Nonsense. 
 If it doesn't fit, yes. He doesn't agree: 
Nice gdl, although perhaps a less matte silk square would have been a better choice?
Clags, cord looks great with madder or challis too.   Nice overall, but I don't like that shirt at all..
    mtm jacket (h&s intercity) emidio tucci wool/silk tie mercer & sons shirt e.g. cappelli silk square emidio tucci lightweight worsted flannel trousers meermin boots (might have rain today)
New Posts  All Forums: