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any clue? lol
Hey guys,   Any of you know what brand or where i could find this jean jacket with the attached hood?  
just out of curiosity what is the customs value limit? I was thinking about ordering a few things from end that come out to $100 (including shipping)
has anyone on here from canada had any experiences with shipments from end?    
hey guy do you know if you get charged with duties and customs when shipping to the US from end clothing? I know they have a US website, so do they have a US warehouse like Mr.Porter? Any info would be great!
It works on other major retailers and I am sure many forum members can attest to that.   Just because the clothing is on sale doesn't make "avoiding unreasonable taxes" a moot point. If you have to pay these taxes you might as well buy from a local retailer at full price and avoid the hassle of shipping.   On a side note, step your "quotation marks" game up son.   
just got my porter's shipment cancelled because those bastards don't ship to freight forwarding addresses. I live in Vancouver and just wanted to avoid paying unreasonable taxes/duties. Has anyone in the lower mainland tried getting their Porter's order shipped to Hagen of Blaine? 
roden gray is up to 50% off.    Also anyone know of any US stores carrying YMC besides Porter?
http://www.anothermag.com/current/view/635/Adam_Kimmel   Does anyone know where I can find these frames? They are made by cutler and gross, but I can't seem to find the model number.
Sweet, thx for the info. Are they usually quick with their processing and shipping? Just kopped the adam kimmel carhartt moleskin jacket for $208 from $695. I was waiting for Barney's, but they still got it for $345.
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