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thanks for the input @Pb924. I was thinking about getting the pants narrowed, the sleeves narrowed, and bring in the upper waist. 
Hey guys, just got my 42R Napoli in the other day. What alterations do you guys recommend? First time suit buyer here.
@JohnElliottCo do you know if revolve and/or industry denim carry the updated version of the villain crew neck? There websites still show the wide collar.
are the villain crews dropping next week as well? @JohnElliottCo 
When will the villain crews be dropping? Next week?
what about the villain crews?
any hard dates for fall 14 release yet?
is there going to be a villain crew in the midnight collection? @JohnElliottCo 
I was looking at the charcoal villain crew. @JohnElliottCo 
@JohnElliottCo any news on when the fall 2014 villain crews will drop?
New Posts  All Forums: