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Just grabbed the last one in size Large.  
My caloric needs must have shot through the roof since I started this high frequency program, because I'm currently eating 3700 calories a day and not gaining any weight at 195 lbs. Aiming to gain another 15 pounds so I'll prob be eating well over 4000 calories a day at the end just to gain weight. Feels like I'm stuffing myself all the time, eating like 4 pounds of oatmeal a week and bringing a carton of chocolate milk to the gym.  Can't complain though. Eating this...
@Aidan K Great man! Solid numbers and technique looks good in all lifts. Smart to pick manageable attempts and go 9 in your first meet too. I'm hoping to get something like those numbers next year.
I know some people ITT have contacted me regarding Norwegian High Frequency Powerlifting training, and specifically how such a routine may be structured, since I train in a similar manner myself atm. I'm from Sweden and the exact Norwegian routines are disclosed as national secrets, so I haven't had full access to their newer high frequency protocols, only their lower frequency (3x a week) routines that are available to everyone ton their website (which I've tried and they...
I used to do them a while back.Absolutely dreaded them in every way. Nowadays I do backward lunges standing on a box (front leg elevated). I use way less weight, like today I used a barbell with 50 pounds, but it works my balance more and uses a larger ROM.
Nice to have you back.   For the bench, I'd do all reps paused if you don't already.  Your plan with 3x3@85% and 5x5@70% sounds good, but consider increasing your current pressing volume through more accessory movements.  Accessory movements that are closer to the main lift will also have a higher grade of carryover. Ex: Bench press with 2sec pause on pins at chest level will have a higher carryover to your regular bench press than incline dumbbell bench press. So,...
@MarkI Wow man, that really sucks. Non self-induced injuries scare me the most. I hope you recover fast and well and that you won't be in pain for much longer.
Excellent bench press tutorial by a current IPF world record holder:  
I aim to never miss any lifts in training, but I also have a coach who manages all my sets, reps and weights for me so that it doesn't happen. That said, I don't think its good to miss any lift in training if you're training for a strength sport, because then you were testing your strength and not building it.   Why were you testing your max one month out from competition? Sounds pretty stupid, tbh. The heaviest I go is to do my openers one week out. Also, how are you...
- Nintendo 3DS with the latest pokemon game- Rice cooker and Slow cooker- SBD knee sleeves for insta-squat gains- Reverse Hyperextension / GHR machine
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