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 +1 I've done IF, warrior diet, carb backloading, high carb every day, no carbs, whatever else, and from my experience and what the absolute vast majority of studies say, meal timing and macros (other than getting adequate protein) pretty much mean zero in comparison to simply getting a calorie deficit. Calories in vs calories out is what determines whether you lose or gain weight. I know you know this, so its hard to understand why some of you talk so much about meal...
Hmmm... yeah higher rise it is next time. That has solved the issue previously for casual pants. Thanks for your input.
Your technique and angles look very solid. Good job.
 I know of this argument.Should've said that I meant slow and controlled leg extensions with focus on the eccentric phase. Not that jerky and explosive motion. I know several guys who have had knee problem and their got better including eccentric leg extensions once or twice per week.
 Agree.Light and high rep stuff is the usual recommendation for inflammations, tendonitis, etc. When I had knee problems I did super light leg curls, leg extensions and bodyweight squats for 20-30 reps and daily walks to get the blood flow going.The pain came back when I sat down for several hours and every morning when I'd been sleeping.
Just tried on my suit and the pants fit like leggings. Can see the sweep and it just looks horrible. Gonna have to buy a new pair, and will prob need to do so next year as well.   How do you guys with big quads solve the suit pant problem? Im figuring higher rise and pleats, and ofc not slim fit. These ones  are mid rise, flat front and pretty slim (bought them after cutting), and they would not work by just sizing up.   What about the jacket? The jacket on this...
 +1 2000 calories is very low for any decently built man who lifts, even in a deficit. You have no room for further calorie restriction when the weight loss stalls - and it will. Bump up to at least 2300-2400 and add in more work, cardio or more lifting. Its easier to add in another day on a cut than more volume on the existing days (at least for me). No energy for really long sessions. Also echo the carb timing. That's crucial for me on low calories. Not fully sold on...
Well, thats not the same as knowing how to use them in a squat.If you sit all day your glutes are both mashed and stretched out, not very effective for lifting heavy weights. Surely you've know the feeling when you've sat for several hours? I just googled it and it appears to be called "gluteal amnesia".A simple drill or two can wake them up before you lift.Other than that, it helps to make them stronger, yes.
@Eason   You should look into your glute activation/strength as well. I know my hip mobility is excellent but I still have the knees come in sometime when I squat. Your hip mobility will only make it possible to open up the groin, but in order to keep it open/knees out on the ascent, you need strong hips and glutes.   I like to do the warmups with a band between the knees. That really forces me to push out with the hips on the way up.
One of the worst training weeks ever, especially for legs. Monday was squats, occlusion squats and rdl. Tuesday was olympic squats w/ pause and deadlift. Wednesday was squats and occlusion squats. Today was olympic squats, deadlifts and deficit deadlifts. Insane quad doms. Saturday is squats and occlusion squats again, lol.
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