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 Starting to think its Bene's photo angle that sometimes cause weird proportions. Everything looks good here. Nice fits from both as well.
 Followed him 2 years ago or so. He seemed to have his share of problems back then but its def gone downhill.Seems to be all over the place with drama and accusations.
Properly done face pulls and pull aparts are good for the upper back, but your posture will improve more by actually having good posture throughout the day.
My training is actually tougher than ever before. Still squat, bench, dead 4x a week, just no light days at the moment.
You need to relearn deadlifts. Your hips are too low (making you squat up the weight and hips rising before chest when the bar leaves the ground), you are not tight and your spine is in flexion. With your current technique, the load is transferred to your low back, where your disks are "exposed" due to your technique with the rounded back. If you can't (as in its not even possible for you) retract your shoulders and keep the straight-ish natural curve in your spine by...
Kind of how I feel at times.The smaller injuries and aches are def bothersome. I used to have other hobbies (skateboarding, DJing, music production, gaming) but lifting takes up almost all the time from those now. Its a shame, but at the same time I sort of lost interest in all of them when I realized how much time I had to spend at either to get better. I tend to go into a hobby, do it all out, and eventually sort of quit to find something else. I know I might just quit...
 Heh, I think this quite often.I'm not sure I would have started lifting as much as I do right now if I were to do it all over. Seems like a waste to quit or drastically reduce training now though, so I might as well just see how far I can get. Not really excited about weighting 230+ atm but that could change.
Not sure if serious.Your arms are fat because of your bodyfat.
I've never run a Sheiko program. I get my program from my coach. His method is quite similar to sheiko and the norwegian powerlifting programs. Since neither his nor the norwegian programs are freely available to the public, I typically recommend Sheiko.Tips for cutting would be:- have a good idea of how much you eat. That could mean tracking everything.- sleep.- start on a small deficit.- keep protein and fat intake high enough and constant, even as calories decrese...
Clothes are def more baggy now, but I still think I look better in clothing due to improving proportions. I seem to store most fat in thighs and hips so smaller quads and ass just makes my proportions more normal. So its not really a problem to lose weight clothing wise.Actually, my size in shirts and tops have not gone up despite gaining 30 something pounds. I still am a large (medium in uniqlo ocbd's) pretty much across the board with XL in some pieces. That said, the...
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