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Oooops.(I checked the youtube comments since I wasn't sure either).
 Damn Americans not being able to tell the European countries apart. It is German, and Swedes really don't like being called German  
 I don't use it, and none in my gym use it, but I know some other great lifters in the country who regularly uses it as a tool. If I would put it into my program, I think it would make more sense to use it later in the cycle, somewhere during peaking too really get the overload effect and get accustomed to heavier weight before the meet. That's how board presses was incorporated in my program, which is also an overloading tool. I think it can be detrimental to the whole...
 Exactly what foods you eat does not matter at all, so posting your meal plan is unnecessary.It is the calories and macronutrients that matter. Micronutrients also matter somewhat for general health and well being (easily solved by eating "quality food" and have a lot of variety). Right now you hit your muscles once a week. That is not enough if you want to stimulate growth as much as possible. You do not have to train a lot more. Just change around the exercises so you...
 This is how my knee tendonitis (or whatever is the name for overuse injuries) started. After trying to train through it for 3 weeks, I eventually had to stop squatting and deadlifting completely for 8 weeks.  My last pain free squatting session before the problem started was in the first week of August. My knees still protest when I squat with 30-40% of my 1RM.So be careful. Boris Sheiko himself has some advice on how to deal with these knee problems:
 Thanks for the reply. It felt like a major tragedy. And yeah, the fabric is a dry tropical wool.  Def gonna get them patched then. I thought they were beyond repairing.
Just noticed a hole/tear in the seat of my Peir Wu moto pants    Think I wore down the wool fabric by just wearing the pants a lot.   Anyone else had this problem with wool pants, especially thinner wools?
 You will be less explosive off the chest with a wider grip. It is the same with a sumo stance deadlift vs a conventional deadlift, and a wider stance squat.With a wider stance/grip, you are slower in the bottom position, stronger at the lockout and have a shorter ROM. It is a trade off.
Can you specify what you mean by not feeling as tight and solid?Are your shoulders more prone to slip forward with the wider grip?Are you less explosive off the chest?Do you have less stability, as in that you wobble more?I've always benched wide and do full width now (pointers on rings).
 That unracking technique only works though if the hooks are sloped. We only have Eleiko power racks in my local PL club whee the hooks look like this:   @accordion  You say you try to keep your shoulders pinned back and down, but are you really putting your weight on the traps/upper shoulders? Are they fixed in the same position during the whole set?It sounds like you are not tight enough. Would help if you uploaded a video.
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