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After a period of losing fat by calorie restriction, e.g. cutting, a caloric surplus while lead to mostly fat gains. So going straight back to a typical bulk right now will make you gain back the fat you have lost. For insance, bodybuilders often gain back a lot of fat the weeks after a comp if they are not strict with calories. If you want to go back to a surplus, do it slow and gradually. Also, to minimize fat gains you want to eat somewhat low on the fat in relation...
I think we have a winner already
Nice!Turns out we are pretty even in terms of strength level if you account for that I'm a bit heavier.
 The japanese are similar to the Chinese in weightlifting in that they are very technical. Dominate the lower weight classes in bench press. I've read that they warm up with a foam roller under their back on the bench to get that arch. There's also some gossip on forums that some of them bench 14 times a week.
Two world records from the weekend's world championship in bench press (equipped) in Sweden.   401 kg (903) in the 120+ kg class. Also his opener. Missed two attempts on 405 kg.       300 kg (661) in the -74 kg klass  
Hmm..Another problem is that the multi joint exercises were all tricep intensive lifts taken to failure.In this case it was incline BB bench, flat BB bench, decline BB bench, push ups and BB shoulder press. Taking all of these to failure should get the tricep plenty of stimulation, so its not that surprising that a couple of sets of tricep extensions didn't cause further stimulation.  Would be interesting to see the results if they only did 1-2 MJ exercises pre SJ lifts.
 Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. 9 April 2015.http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/...9#.VV7zEKNvnkA Full length:http://www.docdroid.net/114rw/the-effects-of-adding-single-joint-exercises-to-a-multi-joint-exercise-resistance-training-program-on-upper-body-muscle-strength-and-size-in-trained-me.pdf.html
Feel like I'm too bad at it to get anything our of it.But I'll prob do a fair bit of it anyway this summer.
My knees didn't like it last summer, and I'd prefer to skip the tight hips.With that and running out, rowing is prob the best bet.
New training block beginning this week. Starts of with a slight focus on hypertrophy, through higher volume and more accessories. Looks like a lil bit more work for upper than before, as the legs and hips grew most during the last training period. Bench increased fine anyway though.   Also gonna do cardio a few times per week.  Apart from swimming, what form of cardio has the lowest impact and strain on joints (especially knees)? Thinking rowing machines. 
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