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Some hips are formed in a way so you cannot squat to parallell without low back flexion, which in turn puts stress on the low back.In most cases, I'd guess it rather has to do with weaknesses or inactive muscles that alters the movement pattern into one that can lead to injury. Or just bad technique.
 Yeah, sure but I don't think I'm the typical Peir customer. Could be wrong. Otherwise I agree, I don't see Peir Wu fitting that well into online stores like ssense or thecorner. Smaller boutiques, yes. Maybe also larger stores with a more focused aesthetic/brand selection.
Well, I'd guess most of their buyers are not the same people.Also, you made that response to why stores like ssense and thecorner hadn't picked up Peir, which makes no sense at all.
Right now a RL bomber my dad didnt want anymore
 Wearability aside, I think OL is the best when they mix dorkyness, awkwardly fitting cuts, and nostalgia/sub-culture references (or whatever you want to call it) with their great fabrics and styling. The better they can pinpoint that aesthetic, the more the brand will stand out and come into its own. Even though they might sell well, I care very little for their basics.
 I haven't bought any exciting piece of clothing in like a year. Now I mostly wear basic t-shirts, uniqlo OCBDs, some half-decent pants with a nicer jacket, shoes and bag. Pretty boring and a lot cheaper fits. The change came when I was fed up with buying and reselling clothing that didn't work out and decided to put the money in other hobbies that makes me more happy. Initially I thought I would miss the high-end clothing more, but I really don't. Like you write, I've...
Reasons aside, heres my advice if you want to be strong without much added size. Keep reps low but do many sets, train the movements with pretty high frequency so you practice often, and only do assistance exercises that are specific to the powerlifts. So instead of having leg extensions as an accessory, do olympic squats, as these have a higher carryover to your regular squats. Keep reps fairly low on these assistance lifts as well. Don't do a lot of rowing. It will...
@CTK Good technique. Minor remarks: depth a bit shallow (nothing to care about really) and it looks like collapsed arches (see left foot). Could be wrong on the latter.
Looks pretty good to me. Bar path looks like its shifting forward after the grind. You want straight vertical bar path to maximize effeciency.Still need vid from the front.Don't go that heavy again in a long time. No purpose and nothing to gain for recreational lifters.Do lots of doubles and triples around 70-80 percent to practice technique. Nothing close to failure.
The same advice as before still holds true. Without weight training your weight loss will be far worse and you might end up relatively fatter at the lower weight. Read my last reply again.You don't need to worry about becoming too big. Guys work their asses of for years with the single goal to get big and do everything they can to reach it. You will not get big by accident.
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