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 The fact that olympic squats look more controlled by weightlifters than how powerlifters squat is probably not attributable to that it is a high bar squat.It could also be that their better form comes from how they train their squats in comparison to powerlifters.  - Weightlifters use the squatting motion in almost all their lifts. Powerlifters use it far less, where for some the competition squat is the only squatting motion they do. - Just about all weightlifters train...
That seems to be very individual. As he says it's most common in the lighter weight classes where the lifters have very good mobility. The really big dudes almost always take a wider grip. I had to widen my grip due to forearm pain.However, I think the interesting part about his tutorial is at the end where he talks about getting an upright low bar squat and sitting straight down instead of back, breakig at the knees rather than the hips. That is the opposite from what...
  He exaggerates the low back arch in the beginning of the video and when he starts to do low bar. Huge butt-wink. No need to actively arch the low back like that. Just puts further stress on it. That Rippetoe grip on the bar also makes me cringe. Put the bar in your palms instead of on the wrist like that. You can stand up more straight from the bottom if the elbows point down rather than back. If you look at 15:30 his hips rise before the chest. At max attempts that will...
Yeah, the ankles can be extremely locked up.You should go on youtube and search for "bryce lewis ankle mobility". Its the top video. I'm on the phone so I can't link.The stuff with the bands that push down the knee towards the toes helps a lot. You could also check Kelly Starrett's stuff if you haven't already.
 Have you looked at your ankle dorsiflexion mobility?It is an often forgotten but crucial aspect in a deep squat, especially if you use a close stance and don't do low bar.
Mission acccomplished.Nah, but in all seriousness, thanks Nope. Grabbed them from gr****d for a steal. Lots of people were watching it but for some reason hadn't bought them. Exactly what I wanted so I'm happy.The "secret" to fitting pants for me is the rise. The waist measurement doesn't need to be very big if I can wear them above my hips (my hips are a lot larger than my waist) and the thighs doesn't need to very wide either if the crotch is sitting kinda low.The legs...
  EG BedfordUniqlo Heattech TurtleneckCdG Evergreen TrousersDr Martens Arthur Boot  [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, 0 degrees celsius.Hmm maybe it was windy then or it had to do with humidity or something, because I wasn't warm enough with a tee, ervell sweater and mohair scarf.
Yes, in kg.
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