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All black suede CP achilles might work.Otherwise you could customize a pair of Adidas Spezial or Samba online and make them all black. Should look similar to CPs. I've been thinking of doing that for a while. You could probably have then made in your size.Then you have all the converse-alike brands like Spalwart, Shoes like Pottery, Novesta, etc if you are into that look.
The short sleeve shirts are on the official webshop IIRC.
Didn't know the collection had been shown yet and then I had some trouble finding it. Link here:   The long DB coat looks very solid. Versatile a probably warm enough for serious winters. Also feeling the pants without a front crease. Some kind of chino, moleskin or stretch fabric? Doesn't look like wool anyway. The brown version looks great. Digging the wide pants in the first...
 Yeah, that one.Didn't try it on but it looks great. The fabric is very nice.
Not sure.I know they have the black DvN bomber with pockets on the front.
Working the unheathier foods into your caloric budget is better than cheating and overshooting it, but micronutrients and food quailty still matters for general health.
@leeba Sounds like the situation that I have been in. May I ask what labels or overall aesthetic you are most interested in at the moment?
 Can't see it.Probably something to do with the European vs US site.
Anyone know of any solid ribbed knits? Crew neck or turtleneck.  Preferably not thick or bulky, which seems to be the norm for this kind of sweater.   I like the look of Andersen Andersen but they seem to be quite thick.
1. There are no universal rules in regards to your use (or the lack thereoff) of pre workouts apart from their ingredients, so I do not see how it is supposed to be cheating. I mean that nobody cares if you use them or not. If you refer to their potential performance enhancement, what you shoudl care about is your baseline performance, whatever it is with or without any performance enhancers. If you are progressing with the same amount of performance affecting factors in...
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