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1. There are no universal rules in regards to your use (or the lack thereoff) of pre workouts apart from their ingredients, so I do not see how it is supposed to be cheating. I mean that nobody cares if you use them or not. If you refer to their potential performance enhancement, what you shoudl care about is your baseline performance, whatever it is with or without any performance enhancers. If you are progressing with the same amount of performance affecting factors in...
Looks like an continuation of the direction with SS17, that is a move away from the previous very collected and discrete style. To me the accessories, styling and color scheme is similar to SS17 but updated for AW.   Mixed feelings about it as a whole. Not fond of the unusual colors like the reds and peach/oranges and some of the mid length jackets. Moccasins are a bit too out there for me. The classics like the wool trousers, parka, overshirt and vest look great....
 Ok, so the thigh and rise is about the same?I would prefer the Philips to have a longer rise.
 How do they differ from the Philip pants?
 Yup, that was the point. Not very into techy or flex-knit sneakers. I guess it was the nostalgic element that appealed to me.Will have a look at them in person.
  Thinking they could work with my Peir Wu, Stone island, Patagonia, etc.  Too hypebeast-y?
Just saw that the lookbook and a photo shoot for FW16/17 is up on the site.   http://www.peirwu.com/aw-1617-%EF%BC%8D-lookbook/ http://www.peirwu.com/the-patels/
Personally I would say no to both NNs and gettoastys. The Ziggy Chen looks too designed to me. On the wrong side of cool. Regarding the coat above I would def not buy a wool coat for wearing in the rain. I like the concept of the coat but not sure how it would look with your wardrobe. Could be wrong.
FWIW I can add that the zip shirt jacket fits weird with dropped shoulders, super wide boxy body and too short sleeves for me. The cut could maybe look good on a lanky person. Looked very off on my somewhat broader and athletic build. The tech linen shorts that Harvey Nichols carried fit TTS meaning that a 48 should fit a 32-33 waist. My waist measures 34" and the elastic waist pulled too much.
My goals for 2017: - remain injury free, or at least being able to train unhindered the whole year. - gain a few pounds of quality weight while still staying sub 200 lbs. - 370-380 squat, 280-300 bench, 480-500 deadlift - do cardio at least once a week.
New Posts  All Forums: