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 Yes, would buy if it wasn't too slim for me.
It seems like pants this season will be slimmer. Looking at pictures and measurements at...
Freakish total for a junior at 86 kg / 190 lbs.    
 I think it depends on the fabric. Mine were a quite rough cotton poplin. I'm not sure it would work or if I would even try it on a more delicate fabric.
 Yeah, the sleeves are about 1 inch short on my two shirts. A bit of a shame, but I've managed to get the shirts to work with some pulling when wet after washing. Still not perfect but wearable.
 Not sure if this is incongruent with your sizing information, but I have bought size XL shirts and outerwear in Japan. Fits like typical large (I am a 42" chest) but somewhat short in the body and arms. I am however unsure whether Western sizing Margaret Howell is also short in length, so that might not be Japan specific.  Solid collection yes.I have a few pieces in mind, in particular those pants in the brown/army and the long mac coat. 
 I would ditch the low bar squat in case you are doing it.The upright position of a high bar/olympic style back squat is said to have higher carryover to sports. The same would probably apply to front squats.  In general, I would adjust the weight training to be more efficient in terms of how much it taxes the body in relation to the benefits. That would mean limit the amount of movements you do to those that hit multiple muscles (so you have to do less volume for roughly...
 Thick wool flannel pants are good for cold winter (as in freezing and below). Not good for wet weather however, in my experience.
 Good overall.Maintaining a decent physique for my current goal (somewhat looking like I lift while still being slim and fitting into designer clothes).Able to train quite a lot without aggravating my injuries. Strength slowly going up towards my previous level. Arms gaining in size. Enjoying lifting.
 Different stock then because the size is sold out in EU. Would look for US proxy if the price was slightly better. Out of my range atm.
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