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Those look great imo. 
No?I read its nutrition label as 28g protein per 112g, which is just about right for turkey.
SOLD   For sale is a detachable collar shirt in color "chalk" from Lemaire SS16. Unused condition. Tags still attached.   Excellent construction and materials. Fabric is a crisp and fine 100% cotton. Neat and exact luxurious finish, see close up pictures for details. "Chalk" color, i.e. white or very slight off-white. The close up pictures are accurate.   Features: - Detachable collar with hidden button fastering on the inside of the collar. - Hidden placket...
For sale is a pair of deadstock Bundeswehr German Army Trainers. These are the OG GATs.   They are in unused condition. There is a small perforation at the top of the back on the left shoe. Otherwise mint condition.   The listed size is Mondo 290, which means that the insole measure 29 cm.  They correspond to a EU 44.5-45 or a US 11. See the sizing chart among the pictures.   The original shoe box is not included.   Shipping is not included in the...
How tall are you?I'm 6'3 and have been looking at them. The measurements seemed short though.
 I am not saying that maintaining your weight is as good for strength as gaining weight. Obviously you will get even stronger if you gain weight.I am just sceptical of the fact that people below the advanced level need to gain weight in order to get stronger. Perhaps gaining weight is still ideal in most cases, as the beginner/intermediate can pack on more quality size in a given time frame than an advanced lifter, but if weight gain is not an option (for whatever reason)...
Don't want to sound like I am ranting, but I don't really understand this thought that you can only progress on caloric surplus. How do you think weightlifters, powerlifters or any other strength athlete that stays within the same weight class progress? Train more and smarter and take care of recovery and nutrition and you can progress on maintenance.
 On the other hand quite a lot of the items reach deep sale, or at least that was my impression last season.
Btw, my injuries (or overuse problems) have almost fully gone away. Have trained quite a lot and seriously for the last month. Contacted my coach again to start a new program but without the individual coaching this time. I have no intentions to compete atm, but might be open to it in the future. Doing bench only could work if the low back and knee problems never fully go away. Current goal is 3 plate bench with 280 lbs before Xmas while staying below 200 BW.
 Patagonia black nylon windbreakerDries Van Noten black longsleeve teeEastpak tan suede backpackAnn Demeulemeester washed black with purple tint silk/ramie pantsMarni olive strap buckle beltCheap ebay leather/silver keychain (not visible)Novesta black hi tops  [[SPOILER]]
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