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Not sure if SW&D is the right place for this question, but what is the difference between LBM 1911 and Luigi Bianchi Mantova? Looking at their coats.
 Its SBD, Squat Bench Dead you know. Anyways, andersonpowerlifting was their first affiliate in US IIRC. @fujiMarketing Research is basically research on how consumers use stuff, why they use it, how they like it, etc to get feedback and come up with new stuff. The research can be done statistically with surveys and stuff but imo the really interesting stuff is done with field/observation research.
 Hope it turns out well for you. I completed my bachelors in Strategic Management last spring but actually decided to go down the route of Marketing Research instead for my masters. Studying it right now and am really enjoying it. Think I'm gonna round off the degree with some extra courses in social psychology (marketing psychology) and anthropology research.
 The SBDs def give a rebound at the bottom.I've heard some people to say they add about 10-20 pounds, which I think sounds about right. I personally start using them out a couple weeks out from the meet. I train in another pair of knee sleeves made from cotton that doesn't add any pounds, but you could just as well train in the SBDs the whole time.
Almost 50 grams of protein in a 400 calorie serving is gold when you're eating out. Prob pretty low fat too unless they add ice cream or cream. Don't worry too much about the carbs if you lift. You're an active person so fast carbs are not really bad for you
That's interesting. You guys have made me consider trying te intra shake again when I get back to training all three lifts. Still have a couple of pounds of the stuff so I might as well use it up.
 Oh yeah, I actually forgot about the recovery aspect. I remember reading that in John Meadows posts on the topic. Still unsure how big of a difference it makes for the non-elite lifter. Also feel like it would make a bigger difference if the nutrition requirements for the day were not already met. Can't back those statements up scientifically though.I kinda lost interest in supplements when I came to the PL club and saw that no one there bothered with supplements add...
Sure, but if you already meet your protein requirements for the day, more protein will not be of any benefit for muscle gain.
Potentially a waste of money.Its a waste to take before the session if you eat something like at least 30-40g protein 2 hours before or closer. You still have spiked amino acids when the session start.If you do take it before, its a waste to also take it afterwards, unless the training session last for at least 3 hours or so. Spiking MPS that frequently leads to no actual spikes of MPS. You need to give enough time for the MPS to return to base levels before you spike it...
 I decided to try one of the more expensive options a while back. PeptoPro (casein hydrolysate) with Waxy Maize. Like 15-20g of PeptoPro with 25-50g of Waxy Maize. Also added a bit of L-leucine powder to boost the amino acid profile. Just wanted to try to go full bro-science to see if it made any difference after reading a bunch on John Meadows site. The amounts I took were also taken from him. The carbs from the Waxy Maize may have made a small difference in energy if I...
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