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Can see how it came across like that now. Anyway, its nothing to brag about as it just makes most clothes fit worse imo, and shopping a much bigger hassle.
Changing topic.   Pretty happy with lifting now. Cut down to 190 and been maintaining that quite comfortably at ~10% bf for a while. Clothes fit and I have enough energy to train with decent volume and intensity. Current plan is to not get much bigger, besides adding some mass on specific areas. Biceps have finally started to grow since I began training them every session.   Knees did not hurt during training today for the first time in several months. Had noticed...
800 squat would be pretty serious. Judging from the third attempt I don't think it will take too long.
+1Cannot wear jeans anymore or any slim bottoms for that matter. Need the fabric to drape freely. Then again lifting weights has also made jeans and slim bottoms look much worse on me than they used to.
Bought: - Casual relaxed jacket (OL archive blazer III in navy linen) - Regular fit cropped pants w/ fold (Dries philip pants in tan) - Minimal summer sneakers (Cons 70's in all white) - Minimalist black windbreaker (Patagonia Houdini)   Looking to buy: - Slip ons (prob Vans or Cons) - Lightweight relaxed pants (CdG, Lemaire, or similar) - Jacket with many pockets and higher buttoning point (EG bedford, CdG, etc) - Some kind of shirt collared jacket (OL, Peir,...
@NaTionS   I agree with the others.  Quality differs a lot and the cuts can be very off. I've tried on many items this spring that I thought looked great online, but did not meet expectations IRL. Think it was better a couple of years ago. Then again, they have some nicer pieces.
About t-shirts:   This company might be interesting.  https://www.asket.com/products   Supposedly high quality made in short, regular and long versions at a good price (33 USD).   Haven't tried them myself but came across the brand on a blog.
 You mean besides lower weekly calories, given you eat as much the rest of the days of the week? Not sure. Probably not very good for keeping muscle mass and keeping cheat cravings in check. However, if you want to reduce calories for losing weight (which I assume is your goal), its just easier to do something like a not-so-strict IF by skipping breakfast every day.
 They both look good but in my experience that kind of slim and cropped style does not work very well if you have a built upper. I've had similar pants and they made me look unproportional since they are both slim and short. 
Selling a Slowear Montedoro Franchigia Jacket.   Unconstructed and lightweight field/safari style jacket.   Superb construction. Handcrafted in Italy.   Regular tailored fit. Exact size is not listed on the item. Fits as a 52/XL. See measurements below.   Soft washed cotton/linen blend chambray fabric (52% cotton/48% linen). Slightly slubby texture. Flattering drape.   Worn a few times but in as good as new condition.   Retailed for over 1000...
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