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New world record raw squat (no knee wraps). 910 pounds.    
 I find math fun and interesting when I understand it and never get stuck. Then it is the worst.Statistics is pretty much the same. I'm starting a course on monday called Quantitative Marketing Research Methods. Conjoint analysis, factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, questionnaire design, data presentation, etc... My main reason for taking it that I believe it is useful to have for entry jobs in marketing, and especially marketing research, which is what I am...
 I still wear my Powernet body/wool sleeve varsity bomber many times per week.  Really great piece perfect for that fall or spring "in between" weather. 
How fast it takes to recover also fepends on the level of stress in the workout. Did you go to failure or did you leave reps in the tank? Was it low volume or high volume? By training with higher frequency the body also adapts to the more frequent stress and recovers faster = more potential growth cycles per week. It also depends on how long you've been training. The longer, the faster the MPS return to base levels.
Thats nice PRs.   From what I've heard and read, the real gains from Sheiko are long in the long term.  The system of the programs are meant to be ran in succession since they build upon each other, such as slowly increasing volume, intensity, and tougher/more complex variations of the lifts. I think the people who commit to them and just run them as they should (with individual adjustments of course) are going to get continuous PRs.
I don't know tbh, but theoretically maybe a yes. It could be smart to change up things though to see how you respond to that.
 If you pre-exhaust your pecs before DB bench press, your triceps will have to work harder during that DB bench press. The pecs are already fatigued so more work is transferred to the triceps and perhaps front delts. During my hypertrophy phase this summer I did a lot of bench presses superseted with flyes. Pretty much same idea.The reason from my PL perspective was that I needed learn how to engage my triceps more when I did bench press (higher tricep involvement usually...
From my understanding, the purpose of variation in bodybuilding and strength training from a hypertrophy perspective is mostly about avoiding neural adaptions to movements and to not miss certain smaller muscles that might not get targeted with a certain technique/variation of a lift.
@OccultaVexillum   I am aware that my bench press gains are probably most related to technique improvements. I'm almost certain that's the case since my chest hasn't grown more than one inch the last 6 months.   However, I said that my legs grew the most when I trained them 5x a week. More than when I trained them for 3x a week with higher volume per session (and almost equal volume over the week as when I did 5x).   I agree that DOMS is a excellent measure for how...
I haven't had DOMS in my chest for like half a year and my bench has been increasing faster than ever. Also, my legs grew the most when I was training them 5x a week.  Another example is that my traps grew most when I started to do deadlifts 3x a week and switched to high bar from low bar so I did high bar squats 3x a week. No direct trap isolation work like shrugs at all.   I know what the hypertrophy scientists says, but some of that stuff hasn't given me the best...
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