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One of the worst training weeks ever, especially for legs. Monday was squats, occlusion squats and rdl. Tuesday was olympic squats w/ pause and deadlift. Wednesday was squats and occlusion squats. Today was olympic squats, deadlifts and deficit deadlifts. Insane quad doms. Saturday is squats and occlusion squats again, lol.
 My program regularly includes paused olympic squats to build quad strength from the bottom.Usually do 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps at 60-70% of 1RM competition style squat.
+1 Over here, a degree in information systems is almost considered equal to one in computer science, because of the huge need of people with IT skills in businesses. It has none of the complex math or advanced programming. The IS students are in the same building as us in BA and Economics and its pretty well known that they have better job market and higher entry salary. Still, it's way easier to get into and many of the business students have no clue about it, while most...
 I participated in a rugby training session when I studied in Hong Kong. It was right after my cut and I looked pretty lean and in shape (roughly 9-10% bf) so people thought I'd be able to tackle well and take hits. Was not the case. Being tall did not help either. 
Quite interesting watch  
 Hmm... yeah just looked at a pic of him and he is more thickly built. More masculine, if that makes sense. My aesthetics are vanishing slowly. Hips, legs and core have grown a lot from how I train while the arms have not. No cutting anytime soon either. Looked better in clothing at 175 lbs than now at 200.
@fuji Lol. Def one of your best posts ever.   @Benesyed I agree with fuji's view on the typical aesthetic look. Its more about symmetry, proportions and clean lines than a certain leanness or muscle mass. I think its something almost purely genetic, so while you may be able to train certain muscles to achieve better proportions, your overall frame and lines will always be roughly the same.    Mostly its just about having being tall, thin and having some muscle mass in...
I would say waiting 2 hours with the shake is a bit long. There's no need to take immediately, but preferable (from what I've read) you should get around 40g protein within 90 minutes.For you at 185 lbs the scientific recommendation is between 150-240g. However, some like to go even higher.
I can't really bother to look for that study now, but in short, strength training and cardio send different signals to the body. The results indicated that the signal that is made last is the one that will have the greatest effect.So if you do cardio after lifting, the anabolic effect is not as great from the lifting as if you would start with cardio and end the training session with lifting. Similarly, if you for some reason could only do cardio after lifting, it would be...
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