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OL archive blazer III in linen     Tried it on in store when I was just browsing their stock and ended up buying it.  Easy to wear, versatile and pretty much exactly what I've been looking for for a while.
@OccultaVexillum   Marni? I'd say yes.   However, such high crop can be harder to wear than expected in my experience. With boots its not as much of a problem though.
What's your guys opinion on joint supplements?   My knee has been aching for over half a year now. Comes during loaded knee flexion movements (squats, etc) and after long periods of inactivity (sitting, sleeping).  I've been going to a physio who saw that my hip was uneven. That is mostly fixed but knee pain has not gone away. Massage and soft tissue work have not helped either.   I've read good things about MSM. Thoughts?
I agree in that your numbers are not bad. As for your lack of progress, there could be a lot of things to do. First, cover the basics. That is, eat above maintenance. In my opinion bulknig (as in fast weight gain) mostly adds fat to non-beginners. I'd recommend slight surplus for a very long time. You don't need a huge surplus but you want to minimize time in deficit, hence a long slow bulk. As for training, make sure your volume is high enough. It needs to increase...
I'd say continue unless you really doubt you can finish each set. It is training after all, not testing. But first get more sleep and calories and see if that helps.I don't like linear progression programs for most people because of this specific reason unless they are beginners - the program usually starts too easy and then becomes too hard. What you can do is to decrease the volume when you hit a wall, imo preferably by lowering reps. In your case you would switch to...
Did you start the program last week, or very recently?Did you perform unusally well (as in well above the average week in terms of for instance weight used for working sets) last week?If yes to any of the above, it is not surprising that you feel tired and worn out this week.If you tax your body more than usually you will obviously feel worse for a while. If you keep at it you will however adapt.
 Yeah, that makes sense.Its funny how its easier to get into a good position with heavier weights. You can sorta pull your hips closer to the bar but higher up with the weight as counterweight.
Recently discovered sumo deadlift off blocks.   I have pulled sumo from the floor before, but it has always felt a bit weird   With the blocks I set it so the bar is a couple of inches below the knee cap. Much more comfortable position than from the floor and (of course) easier.   Short ROM. The whole lift is basically just locking out the knees, so you can go quite heavy. Was able to pull my best competiton deadlift for an easy single today at a lower bodyweight.
 I'm in about the same situation.I've gone from 215 to 190 lbs since december. Lifts have suffered but that's also because I train less. I'm def less stable during heavy lifts.Anyway, I feel better at this weight and would like to stay around 190 or 200 tops for now. Trying recomp slowly by eating around maintenance and making small increases in the gym so hopefully I can stay at the same weight with an improved muscle/fat ratio.
 Ok. My coach told me to stop doing it during deads and squats and the physio I am currently seeing due to low back and knee problems doesn't like it either. They both teach keeping the normal slight curvature/arch in the low back at all points through the lift.
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