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I haven't seen them on their website unfortunately. FWIW they have double front pleats and a sewed up hem.
Would anyone here be interested in a short write up on their new WORK SHOP store? http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/06/15/our-legacy-work-shop-store/ I can visit the store, take some pics and post some comments here.
My waist at the hips measures 34", natural waist higher up is 32". Normal rise pants I usually wear size 50. In the lemaire one pleats a size 48 was correct for me and I wear them higher on the waist.
They are oversize.I am typically a 50 in OL (and a 52 in some of their jackets) and the size 48 hibiscus jumbo was too big for me. I am 6'3, 41" chest. Oversize can look good imo but that was not the case here.
 Thanks! My first impression was that it was lighter and thinner than expected. The fabric is a quite delicate paper-y cotton in a beautiful deep navy. As you see in the fit it does not taper as a typical bomber jacket, and combined with the fabric this makes it flowy if you leave it open. I would however not say that it is flimsy as it has a strong ribbed bottom hem.  It is a summer piece, or at least I would probably not wear it below 15 degrees celsius. That's not a bad...
 Peir Wu bomberToJ suede daypackUniqlo poplin shirtZara CdG-alike wool/poly pantsCons 70's    [[SPOILER]]
Just got these two grails of mine from SS14 and FW13 from @SuspensionPoint (thanks again for the excellent service!). Had been eyeing them ever since they were posted on the webshop.                 Fantastic pieces. Might post more info with details and fit pics later.
That's quite fast.How much weight have you lost now in total?
Gaining a couple of pounds of muscle mass in that short time frame is not realistic. Not averaging the weight fluctuations or measuring inconsistently seems more likely.
Paper GATs have the same problem unfortunately. They look dirty rather than worn in.
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