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Quote: Originally Posted by breakz ...are what, exactly? I saw Radiohead on Monday and Kanye West on Tuesday. Both shows were amazing for very different reasons: Radiohead's long, varied setlist and simple setup, and Kanye's over-the-top lighting and special effects extravaganza. I'm looking to catch Nine Inch Nails this summer, but Reznor's not going to even whiff Florida, it seems. Quote: Originally Posted by...
^^^^ mark how do you feel about that?
^^^^^ a link to the mentioned article please? thanks a lot whacked.
there is no way d'antoni will go coach the knicks, do you think he could run his 7 seconds or less offense with eddy curry and zac randolph?
im sorry for this dumb question but what does K&G stand for. I tried googling it and came up with nothing. thanks guys.
what allen-edmonds are in the 1st post? are those just park avenues? thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I haven't entered but I love looking at the entries. +1 to this. Also especially for some of us who joined the forum recently, the contests are an excellent way to learn about fit and how some of "the elite" of styleforum dress on a daily basis. The WAYWT threads are really long and these contests provide a kind of sparknotes if you will for how your clothes should match and fit. I enjoy them a lot...
reports today are saying that d'antoni is going to leave the suns and coach the bulls. on espn, it said that he has had it with the owner and steve kerr and is even willing to go as far as resigning.
if d'antoni really does get fired, how long do you think it is before another coach comes calling. i dont think he will get fired but i def. think avery johnson is gone. +1 on this loss not being dirks fault at all. he played his heart out.
no way dampier will get suspended. if brendon hayward didnt get suspended, there is no way that dampier will get the suspension. haha funny story, my friend went to hang out in georgetown in dc on thursday night. she went there and damon jones and lebron james were there buying people drinks at the bar. she goes up to them and goes "shouldnt you guys be practicing." they reply, "we dont need to practice, we are playing the wizards." btw im with southern-nupe, i kind...
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