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i agree with sauce and lando, kobe forced a lot of shots. in the possessions where he wanted to get teammates involved like the odom 3 pointer in the 4th quarter. he could have acted as a decoy. if he was healthy, there is no one else in the league that can close games like kobe but under the circumstances he should have passed the ball more.
dude i cant wait. did kanye really have that awesome of a performance?
sauce, so im assuming, you dont think this is cool.
+1 to having laces and unpopping the collar will make it look better. to me it looks like a sweater over the shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz ...are what, exactly? I saw Radiohead on Monday and Kanye West on Tuesday. Both shows were amazing for very different reasons: Radiohead's long, varied setlist and simple setup, and Kanye's over-the-top lighting and special effects extravaganza. I'm looking to catch Nine Inch Nails this summer, but Reznor's not going to even whiff Florida, it seems. Quote: Originally Posted by...
^^^^ mark how do you feel about that?
^^^^^ a link to the mentioned article please? thanks a lot whacked.
there is no way d'antoni will go coach the knicks, do you think he could run his 7 seconds or less offense with eddy curry and zac randolph?
im sorry for this dumb question but what does K&G stand for. I tried googling it and came up with nothing. thanks guys.
what allen-edmonds are in the 1st post? are those just park avenues? thanks.
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