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did they have a lot of 38r?
Quote: Originally Posted by billiebob It's not easy to get a decent suit for $350. I get Polo suits on ebay for that price, but I know my size, search often, and can wait months to get what I'm looking for. how have you found polo suits for that price? i have looked for a couple weeks as i need a new suit and havent found anything. all the suits are the crappy lauren by ralph lauren line? its so damn annoying to the op: did syms have...
stunning suit... wish it was a 38.
im with all the depressed laker fans. over the years of watching so many sporting events, i have gotten better at getting over losses. however this is one of the worst losses, there is like this emptiness in my stomach right now. i have never seen a team i like to piss away a clear victory like that.
^^^^^ +1
^^^ i saw that ray allen fronted him a lot when kobe decided to post up. also, when the boston defense saw that the wing guy was about to throw the ball into kobe posting up, they usually aggressively double-teamed from the low post. maybe thats why the wing guy rarely threw the pass into kobe. kobe also missed a bunch of shots that he usually makes, i also felt he forced a couple shots.
god wtf, are the refs blind? i hate the celtics. can the members of this great forum explain to me how the fuck one team shoots 2 free throws and the other shoots 17?
is anyone else getting annoyed of all the sports media hailing paul pierce's return in game 1 as heroic and valient? i mean seriously, wtf? he returned after a hot 3 minutes in the locker room. i cant wait for game two, hopefully the lakers win.
nadal has played unreal this entire tournament, i think he has beaten everyone in straight sets. (im not 100% sure about that.) sooooo, no i think nadal wins again.
another one i just remembered is The Usual Suspects.
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