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^^^^ haha solid line whacked.
+1 to the terrible terrible officiating throughout the game. it was funny to me that the two "veteran" players of the lakers, kobe and fisher both made horrible horrible decisions at the end of the game regarding clock management. not a great game but i will take a win against the defending champs on their home floor.
virgin festival in baltimore should be pretty kick ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by landho Not having Turiaf was huge, because for all of Mbenga's surviving a horrible situation in the Congo... this line made me laugh. solid landho
wow i am the 36th post and i am the first to mention dumb and dumber. really guys?
is it just me or are the pictures not working. i am interested in this.
i agree with sauce and lando, kobe forced a lot of shots. in the possessions where he wanted to get teammates involved like the odom 3 pointer in the 4th quarter. he could have acted as a decoy. if he was healthy, there is no one else in the league that can close games like kobe but under the circumstances he should have passed the ball more.
dude i cant wait. did kanye really have that awesome of a performance?
sauce, so im assuming, you dont think this is cool.
+1 to having laces and unpopping the collar will make it look better. to me it looks like a sweater over the shirt.
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