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god wtf, are the refs blind? i hate the celtics. can the members of this great forum explain to me how the fuck one team shoots 2 free throws and the other shoots 17?
is anyone else getting annoyed of all the sports media hailing paul pierce's return in game 1 as heroic and valient? i mean seriously, wtf? he returned after a hot 3 minutes in the locker room. i cant wait for game two, hopefully the lakers win.
nadal has played unreal this entire tournament, i think he has beaten everyone in straight sets. (im not 100% sure about that.) sooooo, no i think nadal wins again.
another one i just remembered is The Usual Suspects.
i havent seen freddy adu play in a long time, since his early 14 year old dc united days and i was surprised. he has gotten a lot better, he looked confident with the ball and generally made smart decisions. playing overseas has done wonders for his game, he played really well yesterday and i think he was the one bright spot for the US team.
anyone seen empire, it was a relatively little known movie. its not in the same company as like the departed, the bourne trilogy or collateral but a pretty solid thriller.
yea the fact that lisa is still around is just a travesty. god i hate her. i think the best dressed guy on tv is tony kornheiser on espn's pti. he always looks great and the fit of his clothes is superb also.
how do you prefer payment? google checkout?
i watch top chef and agree with gdl that he wears some great clothes. the fit especially is wonderful.
^^^^ yea thats pretty lame, i agree.
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