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very nice suits drducky. i wish there was more 38R. good luck with the sale, these will go quick.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Admitedly I'm not an NBA fan so looking for some help understanding what the TWolves did late last night in picking Mayo and then packaging him with Jaric and Walker to Memphis for Kevin Love and some no-names. Did the Wolves just cement their tag as the worst-drafting team in the NBA? Why trade Mayo for another power forward when everyone in the world knows the team needs "” desperately "” a true...
there were so many deals, im still confused on who the blazers ended up drafting. i know they got the french guy batum but who else?
VIVA ESPANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA should be a great final, i cant wait.
what do you mean light weight for the armani and is the jacket vented? is the suit made of wool? thanks.
i would be interested in them as well. you should look up some threads started by kent wang. he has begun to dabble in this with great success.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel "I'm bringin cardi's back, (yeaaah), those other sweaters don't know how to act (yeaaah)" hahaha solid line ed.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Firado suits. Tremendous, tremendous value. Really? I see these on ebay all the time and have wondered about them. Are they really that great of a value? How is the fit?
damn it i found this thread late. anyone been to the outlet recently and found any 38R suits available in navy or charcoal? i am looking for my first post SF suit. i know its a hard to find size but it doesnt hurt to ask. thanks in advance.
i did horrible too only 3 out of 12 but great find nonetheless.
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