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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Firado suits. Tremendous, tremendous value. Really? I see these on ebay all the time and have wondered about them. Are they really that great of a value? How is the fit?
damn it i found this thread late. anyone been to the outlet recently and found any 38R suits available in navy or charcoal? i am looking for my first post SF suit. i know its a hard to find size but it doesnt hurt to ask. thanks in advance.
i did horrible too only 3 out of 12 but great find nonetheless.
shaq is such a d-bag. i cant stand him.
there a lot of funny craigslists characters in kansas city.
im going to say spain and germany. we have through the group stage seen spain play much better. it was simply the italians keeping men back that threw the spanish attack off. either way its going to be a great match, i cant wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda when i was watching this game live, my jaw dropped when the camera brought her up on the screen. she is absolutely beautiful. she has to be a model or something. does anyone know who she is?
tokyo there was a lot of flopping on both sides. there was one play i remember when ballack got "knocked" over by a guy half his size. andy gray called him out on it too. speaking of c. ronaldo, it looks like he is leaving Man U. btw rdawson, the backup goalie i think has the most international appearences for the turkish national team, i think about 115, 116 caps. i heard it on espn, i dont think the GK issue...
I am looking for a 38R Suit in either charcoal and navy. I know this is a hard find but it doesnt hurt to try right? I preferably wanted Polo Ralph Lauren bc i know their 38R size fits me great. However, I am open to other brands. My budget is about $400-500. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking on ebay and searching the forum for a month now with little luck. Thanks a lot.
no way germany did not kick ass. portugal had two solid chances that should have been goals. two goals by the germans were blown coverage on free kicks. the first goal however was beautiful. all in all though it was a great match.
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