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i dont think its about working or not working with the suits. its just that everyone here would rather recommend you spend your money on a quality product. the calvin klein shoes are not worth the money.
i mean it just bothers me so much that so many teams are content with a "yea we made it to the playoffs attitude" especially the wizards, they have no desire at all to become a championship team. but yea i odd morsal and brain i know what you guys mean and its true, he does sell tickets.
wtf, i cant believe the wizards have paid arenas 111 million dollars. everyone in washington is painting him as a saint bc he didnt take the 127 mil offered. god i cant stand him.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitingStyle 450 each wtf? are you serious?
i just bought a suit that is flat front and although it is hard to tell, is similar to the last one you posted. http://img394.imageshack.us/img394/7161/jun12002cp3.jpg it is a navy and shadow stripe. im not sure whether to get it cuffed or not and clearly you didnt get yours and it looks great. thanks a lot holdfast, i appreciate your help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Find rules that work for you, for your look. Personally, I like cuffs with all double pleated trousers. For other trousers, it's a case-by-case basis, and I tend to decide more on the weight and feel of the material. Suits I tend to go no cuffs, whether flat front or single pleat. But even there I have exceptions to that rule where I've cuffed because the material seemed to "demand" it. hey holdfast,...
i agree that a red tie is kind of flashy. good luck with the presentation. btw, etl, your avatar is great.
i look forward to watching usa basketball. that is pretty much the only thing though...
ive always had really good service with verizon. i think your service issues on the metro are more the phone than the service.
yfyf, where did you get your seersucker? it looks great and i love the outfit.
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