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nice brosnan, if you dont mind me asking how are you getting it for that price? thanks a lot for the response jlibourel.
dude it wouldnt hurt to swing by nordstrom rack in towson town center or the discount stores in arundel mills to check some blazers out. if this is the first nice dinner you are going to with your GF, i agree with reborn and think you should go with a blazer.
this is only remotely connected to the thread, but can the AE evanston be worn with a suit? is it conservative enough to be worn to interviews and for work? Also, would it be a bad choice for my first "real pair" of shoes? thanks.
these are great pants. i have a pair and im surprised these have not sold yet.
where is the shirt you are wearing from?
inside man is another great one. +1 on the usual suspects and saw
i was cheering for nadal and am glad he won. it was a great match and beautiful tennis to watch. im glad i can say that i watched one of the best matches in the history of tennis.
yea i didnt end up going through with this. money got tight and i decided to save it all. thanks for everyones input.
any form of mixed nuts that are slightly salted would give you a healthy snack.
how about offering them up here on styleforum? there are always threads started by young members like myself on what a good shoe is or how to get them cheap. i have seen a couple threads in the B/S section giving away ties and shirts. im sure your shoes given to members of the forum that are in need would be taken care of very well and they would be very appreciative.
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