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Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Find rules that work for you, for your look. Personally, I like cuffs with all double pleated trousers. For other trousers, it's a case-by-case basis, and I tend to decide more on the weight and feel of the material. Suits I tend to go no cuffs, whether flat front or single pleat. But even there I have exceptions to that rule where I've cuffed because the material seemed to "demand" it. hey holdfast,...
i agree that a red tie is kind of flashy. good luck with the presentation. btw, etl, your avatar is great.
ive always had really good service with verizon. i think your service issues on the metro are more the phone than the service.
yfyf, where did you get your seersucker? it looks great and i love the outfit.
hey landho where did you here the kings will do whatever it takes to sign arenas? arenas is not worth a 100 mill at all. im in dc and when i say this to all my friends i get killed for it. but then again didnt rashard lewis get signed for more than a 100 mil?
Quote: Originally Posted by brlfvr Now this is the SF that I love. Well done. +1 and you deserve credit where credit is due. i think the jacket fits really well. you really look a lot better since the first picture. what city do you live in? if its a fairly large one, you should really check out visiting a thrift store as you could come up with some great finds. good luck and welcome to SF.
going through this, there are a decent number of GW grads out there. GW class of 07, BA in history.
great stuff ed, too bad none of it is my size. haha love the description on the Valstar bomber
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda i think i found who this girl is. she might be a model named belen rodriguez. here is my source...http://msn.foxsports.com/soccer/pgSt...&photo=8229756
predictions for today gentleman? i say spain wins by 1 goal in normal time. i think the defense will be able to handle germanys attack especially without ballack in the lineup. i think germany will miss ballack more than spain will miss villa.
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