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i dont think he would. he is such an immature player and what about bynum coming back? they struggled with interior defense which bynum would help. the window is not closing on this team during this offseason. they are still young and can improve a great deal. the team does not need to make a large move like this, not to mention this move is far from a sure thing bc of his baggage. plus artest has a history of injuries. if next season, LA has a similar result, then...
^^^^no way. i think with artest that is always a big if. i mean he has so many off court distractions. hes like music producer and all this other stuff and if he goes to LA, i know he will begin to focus more on off court stuff. i think odom is damn good, he caught a lot of crap for being soft which he may be slighty but still hes a good player, who is a team player and they will be fine when bynum comes back. i hope to god LA does not make this trade.
i mean he is a young player and he has curbed the diving considerably. during the euros i remember only a few egregious dives by him. i hope he signs again with ManU, i really like their team and what they have done there.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx Omar-- Nope, Brioni. I think the model is NM Nomenta, or something like that. well it looks amazing foxx. congrats.
do all of you size up for RL black label? i mean if you are a 38, do you go up to 40?
suit and tie both look superb foxx. the suit a zegna milano right?
im sorry but what are quarters? i apologize for the dumb question.
here is a short article from menshealth.com about the benefits of rowing as opposed to using a treadmill. this for the machine, however. hope this helps. http://www.menshealth.com/cda/articl...0013281eac____
she has a sick body. nice find conne.
everyone recommends fields in georgetown. although i have no personal experience with him.
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