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^^^^no way. i think with artest that is always a big if. i mean he has so many off court distractions. hes like music producer and all this other stuff and if he goes to LA, i know he will begin to focus more on off court stuff. i think odom is damn good, he caught a lot of crap for being soft which he may be slighty but still hes a good player, who is a team player and they will be fine when bynum comes back. i hope to god LA does not make this trade.
i mean he is a young player and he has curbed the diving considerably. during the euros i remember only a few egregious dives by him. i hope he signs again with ManU, i really like their team and what they have done there.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx Omar-- Nope, Brioni. I think the model is NM Nomenta, or something like that. well it looks amazing foxx. congrats.
do all of you size up for RL black label? i mean if you are a 38, do you go up to 40?
suit and tie both look superb foxx. the suit a zegna milano right?
im sorry but what are quarters? i apologize for the dumb question.
here is a short article from menshealth.com about the benefits of rowing as opposed to using a treadmill. this for the machine, however. hope this helps. http://www.menshealth.com/cda/articl...0013281eac____
she has a sick body. nice find conne.
everyone recommends fields in georgetown. although i have no personal experience with him.
thanks a lot. those are beautiful. hopefully i can own a pair like that one day.
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