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someone earlier asked a question about the next batman film. nolan was interviewed by newsweek and he says that after the first movie, he had no intentions for a sequel. i personally call bullshit on that bc he left the end wide open. but anyway, in this interview he says the same thing that he does not intend to do a sequel.
i apologize if this has been brought up but i just saw the movie and wondered did anything happen after the credits? i didnt stick around and thought about it after i got home.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe Why even dip em in the milk? I crumble mine up in a bowl and pour milk into it to eat it like cereal. shoe you are a genius.
mine is jus plain ole oreos. i can polish off about 10 in one sitting with a big glass of milk. makes me feel like a kid again but horrible for me.
chinatown is not dead at all at night. georgetown is just a problem bc the metro does not go there, so you would have to cab it back to your hotel. another place with a lot of clubs is the k-street corridor in between 14th - 16th st and k. for some people, this isnt their thing but i just wanted to let you know.
is this how all of you guys do deadlifts? http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/...BDeadlift.html
Quote: Originally Posted by migo if you don't already have it, you might have some problems: The Clash - Rock the Casbah +1 great song. my contribution would be "a change gonna come" by sam cooke.
^^^^whats s & l bread? btw brian here is the template i have been using for the past month or so regarding gaining weight...its from menshealth.com. sorry for the length. Goals: Eat 3 meals a day, plus pre and post workouts. Add calories in at every meal and snack through food and beverages. Get more carbohydrate into your diet through cereal, rice, pasta, fruits, and vegetables to provide fuel for activity. Cut down on fat in the diet and increase the...
i called him about a month ago and he had told me that his turnaround time would be about 2 weeks.
im not sure but im just guessing. i mean no team could be that stupid, camby wasnt great but still he was defensive player of the year. im just giving the nuggets the benefit of the doubt.
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