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just bought a bunch of knits. I like pointed knits a lot more than square ones and its been such a pain finding a place that will sell them. Looking forward to seeing the ties! #wu-tieclan
I wear M in both.
no, you just go pickup whenever. once i placed an order and a couple hours later went to pick it up.
i might let you down, i had to trim the beard up for an interview tomorrow.
stitch damn you, saturday works better for me but i might go on sunday just to meet you in person lol
+1, i hated that guy.
http://www.amazon.com/Communication-Professionalism-Competencies-Guide-Surgeons/dp/0978889010 i went to this ladys talk at a conference and she said for surgery it was. medicine is more chill so maybe you could pull it off great question though lol
http://shop.kamakurashirts.com/index.php?lang_id=en&genre_id=12&keyword=&act=&sortkey=&offset=15&tsuka_conv=usdlook in the 3rd row stitch. you will see some designated with a spread collar and some with a semi-spread.semi-spread isnt an option with NY slim fit, i wish it was.you got a white in royal oxford right? was it with a BD collar?
i like their semi-spread collar better. i wish they had more options for it in NY slim fit
i took the same size in the tux as i did in other things. the tux is nice. i got lots of compliments on it when i wore it.
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