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i might let you down, i had to trim the beard up for an interview tomorrow.
stitch damn you, saturday works better for me but i might go on sunday just to meet you in person lol
+1, i hated that guy.
http://www.amazon.com/Communication-Professionalism-Competencies-Guide-Surgeons/dp/0978889010 i went to this ladys talk at a conference and she said for surgery it was. medicine is more chill so maybe you could pull it off great question though lol
http://shop.kamakurashirts.com/index.php?lang_id=en&genre_id=12&keyword=&act=&sortkey=&offset=15&tsuka_conv=usdlook in the 3rd row stitch. you will see some designated with a spread collar and some with a semi-spread.semi-spread isnt an option with NY slim fit, i wish it was.you got a white in royal oxford right? was it with a BD collar?
i like their semi-spread collar better. i wish they had more options for it in NY slim fit
i took the same size in the tux as i did in other things. the tux is nice. i got lots of compliments on it when i wore it.
i thought it was very good but im no expert on italian cuisine.also are you watching top chef this season?
foo, have you ever been to scarpetta?
dont know whether to get the lindrick or gianni#sfproblems
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