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foo, have you ever been to scarpetta?
dont know whether to get the lindrick or gianni#sfproblems
damn should i get lindricks or the gianni? #styleforumproblems
Fok, I will be there. Thanks for setting this up.
hot kitchen is very good, agree with pB
pB, is hot kitchen on 2nd ave?
I was driving across town in the mid 30s and blew my horn at an SUV driving in 2 lanes. When we stopped between 2 avenues, a passenger got out of the car and walked towards mine and started cursing at me and tried to open my door. Thankfully, I had it locked but definitely scared the shit out of me. My window was open bc the weather was nice but i started to roll it up, as soon as I saw the guy coming towards me. God knows what would have happened if I couldn't close it...
halal guys are opening a brick and mortar restaurant on 2nd and 14th. business must be damn good
anyone know a place in the city to get a decent belt that will be worn with suits for about 40 to 50 bucks? i picked up a black and brown polo belt a couple years ago off the forum.
this thread kind of died out but anyone applying for residency this cycle? i ended up loving surgery so im applying for general surgery. i sent off my apps and am waiting with fingers crossed!!!
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