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i dont know about exactly what you are looking for but i saw AE park aves for $209 at my local nordstrom. most of the people on the forum highly recommend those as a quality first pair of shoes.
beautiful shoes, wish they were my size. good luck with the sale.
i think you need a pic of it tucked in from the back to know for sure.
i normally wear a 30 waist and had to size down to a 28. im still breaking mine in, so i cant help on how much they loosen up.
dc is great for young professionals. i mean i think it is one of the youngest cities in the nation ( i read that somewhere and will find it and post it) and the job market is great. it is a little expensive but what city isnt? plus there are a lot of affordable options if you look.
someone earlier asked a question about the next batman film. nolan was interviewed by newsweek and he says that after the first movie, he had no intentions for a sequel. i personally call bullshit on that bc he left the end wide open. but anyway, in this interview he says the same thing that he does not intend to do a sequel.
i apologize if this has been brought up but i just saw the movie and wondered did anything happen after the credits? i didnt stick around and thought about it after i got home.
AF, yes, the punishment for committing adultery is death. In my quick research, I did not find any punishment of prostitution per se. I have given you the punishment for fornication and adultery. However, they can easily applied to the sin of prostitution. (This is a liberty I have taken, I could be wrong) I would assume that in this specific case, yes those women were married and were thus executed. AF, the second part of your post, I cannot really say anything...
hey dopey, none really do. manton and iammatt, im not going to get mad at you or be outraged. that is what is written in islam and those are the guidelines given to muslims for those sins. it is not my place to question them and i simply shared the information to the best of my knowledge. i know both of you are well-educated, sensible individuals who would appreciate what i tried to do. again, i am simply sharing with you all what i know.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe Why even dip em in the milk? I crumble mine up in a bowl and pour milk into it to eat it like cereal. shoe you are a genius.
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