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^^^^whats s & l bread? btw brian here is the template i have been using for the past month or so regarding gaining weight...its from sorry for the length. Goals: Eat 3 meals a day, plus pre and post workouts. Add calories in at every meal and snack through food and beverages. Get more carbohydrate into your diet through cereal, rice, pasta, fruits, and vegetables to provide fuel for activity. Cut down on fat in the diet and increase the...
i called him about a month ago and he had told me that his turnaround time would be about 2 weeks.
im not sure but im just guessing. i mean no team could be that stupid, camby wasnt great but still he was defensive player of the year. im just giving the nuggets the benefit of the doubt.
i think the nuggets did it to dump salary. i dont think their moves are over this offseason and by shipping camby off to the clippers, they free up some cap room for big addition to their team.
my vote is for the one on the left, i mean come on you gotta show off the rug.
^^^^ I agree with the above comments and eidolon did a much better job at conveying these ideas than i did. whacked, i know arthroscopic knee surgery is a big deal but people come back from it. amare did and im too lazy to look up others who came back from it too. hes young and if he commits himself to rehab, i think he will be ok.
i have been looking around in the forum and reading up on people blowing out the crotches of their jeans? what causes this and how can this be prevented? i just bought my first pair of decent jeans, some APC rescues and would like to prevent this from happening.
i graduated in may 2007 and it took me 3 months to find a job. i ended up working for gw, the school i graduated from. you could try think-tanks and consulting firms in the dc area. they are still hiring and would love someone like you who can speak arabic. many of my friends who are recent grads have gotten positive feedback from many companies in dc. i have heard this website is decent...i know a couple people that used it to get hired....
i dont think he would. he is such an immature player and what about bynum coming back? they struggled with interior defense which bynum would help. the window is not closing on this team during this offseason. they are still young and can improve a great deal. the team does not need to make a large move like this, not to mention this move is far from a sure thing bc of his baggage. plus artest has a history of injuries. if next season, LA has a similar result, then...
^^^^no way. i think with artest that is always a big if. i mean he has so many off court distractions. hes like music producer and all this other stuff and if he goes to LA, i know he will begin to focus more on off court stuff. i think odom is damn good, he caught a lot of crap for being soft which he may be slighty but still hes a good player, who is a team player and they will be fine when bynum comes back. i hope to god LA does not make this trade.
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