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i think you need a pic of it tucked in from the back to know for sure.
i normally wear a 30 waist and had to size down to a 28. im still breaking mine in, so i cant help on how much they loosen up.
dc is great for young professionals. i mean i think it is one of the youngest cities in the nation ( i read that somewhere and will find it and post it) and the job market is great. it is a little expensive but what city isnt? plus there are a lot of affordable options if you look.
someone earlier asked a question about the next batman film. nolan was interviewed by newsweek and he says that after the first movie, he had no intentions for a sequel. i personally call bullshit on that bc he left the end wide open. but anyway, in this interview he says the same thing that he does not intend to do a sequel.
i apologize if this has been brought up but i just saw the movie and wondered did anything happen after the credits? i didnt stick around and thought about it after i got home.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe Why even dip em in the milk? I crumble mine up in a bowl and pour milk into it to eat it like cereal. shoe you are a genius.
mine is jus plain ole oreos. i can polish off about 10 in one sitting with a big glass of milk. makes me feel like a kid again but horrible for me.
chinatown is not dead at all at night. georgetown is just a problem bc the metro does not go there, so you would have to cab it back to your hotel. another place with a lot of clubs is the k-street corridor in between 14th - 16th st and k. for some people, this isnt their thing but i just wanted to let you know.
is this how all of you guys do deadlifts?
Quote: Originally Posted by migo if you don't already have it, you might have some problems: The Clash - Rock the Casbah +1 great song. my contribution would be "a change gonna come" by sam cooke.
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