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personally, i prefer buying here as opposed to ebay because of the customer service and authenticity of goods. on SF, i can ask for any measurement i want, more pictures, basically anything i need to help me decided whether i want to purchase the item or not. i can ask other SF members if they own the items, how the fit is and their opinion. with ebay, i always have to be skeptical about authenticity and i am at the whim of the seller. many of whom are complete...
^^^^ where is he going?
^^^^ hold on what? did artest say something? link to what he said please?
^^^^great point here. Quote: Originally Posted by Tourangh The reason he wasnt an all-star before the playoffs this year was because of the team being terrible around him. He is one of the best all around players at his position right now. People don't give him enough credit. I would take Pierce over Kobe to play defense for me any day. And I don't believe that Paul Pierce saying he is the best player in the world is true but you guys are giving him...
im shocked that anyone would agree with pierce's own statement. i mean before the playoffs this year he was barely an all star. now he is a legit all star but i can still name at least 10 players better than him. i mean come on he needs to look over his own shoulder, hes not even the best player in his own locker room.
how is kwame brown still getting signed? he sucks.
what about squats on a smith machine as compared to a barbell? i do squats on the SM bc it helps keep my back straight and i have better form. with the barbell, i cheat sometimes by not keeping my back straight. am i really missing out on benefits from squatting on the SM?
anyone watch team usa last night? they played pretty well i thought and there were some real nice plays.
this is a kind of weird advice but my brother who is trying to get cut swears that altoids help suppress his appetite. i havent tried but he has told me on more than one occasion.
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