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i dont think they are offering the 20% off on sohos size 10.5 in black. im not seeing it on the subtotal. still a solid deal though.
the last couple posters are talking about park aves right? there arent any sohos on shoebuy.com right?
i am sorry to keep bothering everyone with my ignorant questions but in your guys opinion now with both great deals out there, should i get the park aves from shoebuy or soho from amazon? i like the style of the soho more but the stuff about creasing on the toe cap is making me hesitant to pull the trigger. any help or opinions would be great appreciated. thanks a lot guys.
anyone else with sohos have the problem MLR is talking about?
^^^^^what other AE models do they have? NVM. i just went to the site and they have pretty much all the models. here is the link... http://www.shoebuy.com/allen-edmonds...dress-3x32.htm
what is the consensus on the forum about pocket squares to interviews in general? my specfic case was with medical school interviews.
i checked last night they dont have 10.5 D, i was thinking of ordering a 10.5 B. my foot is pretty narrow and i think it will work. i need them pretty bad and this would be first "real" pair of shoes. i have been hunting on ebay for about a month for some park aves. what do you guys think?
diesels, apc and rag and bone
im glad it went well and your avatar is awesome.
dumb and dumber - arguably one of the best movies about best friends
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