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what is the consensus on the forum about pocket squares to interviews in general? my specfic case was with medical school interviews.
i checked last night they dont have 10.5 D, i was thinking of ordering a 10.5 B. my foot is pretty narrow and i think it will work. i need them pretty bad and this would be first "real" pair of shoes. i have been hunting on ebay for about a month for some park aves. what do you guys think?
diesels, apc and rag and bone
im glad it went well and your avatar is awesome.
dumb and dumber - arguably one of the best movies about best friends
the one at my gym has a weight of 15 lbs only.
Quote: Originally Posted by unpainted huffheinz Bleecker: Very slim and short cut aimed at youth. This is a size up model. is the bleecker line as slim as rlbl?
+1 on lost. also a very very underrated show is friday night lights. the first episode is kind of cheesy but keep watching. just an all around great show.
personally, i prefer buying here as opposed to ebay because of the customer service and authenticity of goods. on SF, i can ask for any measurement i want, more pictures, basically anything i need to help me decided whether i want to purchase the item or not. i can ask other SF members if they own the items, how the fit is and their opinion. with ebay, i always have to be skeptical about authenticity and i am at the whim of the seller. many of whom are complete...
New Posts  All Forums: