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+1, cant say how amazing this coat is.i dont understand what it is made of that allows me to be sooooo warm but still not start sweating and get stuffy when im in the subway, my apartment or my car.i didnt buy it last season and am so happy that i did this season. i got mine in green.@gyaish, i will try to get a pic up for you.
+1, wish he was on my fantasy team
+1, i like this season a lot too
lol you might have just sold me on the black WWII boot.....
thanks for the thorough reply mike.so anything that is scotch grain but doesn't say "hand burnished" we can assume is cowhide from the current shoe/boot offerings?
so mike, this group buy you are offering now is essentially the perfect foul weather boot?http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/footwear-special-order/products/group-buy-hand-burnished-scotch-grain-jumper-boot-depositalso how would the kudu antelope work in salt,snow,etc?last question, if im a 9.5 in rain, im the same in oscar right? i think i read that somewhere but cant find it right now. Thanks!
sale worth going to?
was this on the L?
just bought a bunch of knits. I like pointed knits a lot more than square ones and its been such a pain finding a place that will sell them. Looking forward to seeing the ties! #wu-tieclan
I wear M in both.
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